Audi Q8 SUV Concept UNVEILED!


One would tend to think that with the Audi Q7, the Porsche Cayenne and the Bentley Bentayga SUV, the Volkswagen group has covered all grounds in the SUV segment. However, Audi has unveiled the Q8 SUV Concept that will spawn a new ‘Q’ model in the coming years. Making its debut at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, the Audi Q8 Concept will slot in above the Q7. The all-new Audi Q8 SUV will become the new flagship SUV from the Ingolstadt-based car manufacturer. It will be underpinned by VW’s  MLB (Modular Longitudinal Architecture) platform.

2017 audi q8 suv concept official image front angle

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Audi Q8 Launch and Price Details

Audi Q8 Launch Date Early 2018

The Audi Q8 is expected to go on sale in early-2018. The new Audi Q8 SUV will rival its own cousins, the Porsche Cayenne and the Bentley Bentayga. Speculations are rife that Audi already has set an annual production target of 25,000 units with the Q8. The new Audi Q8 SUV will rub shoulders with the A8 sedan in terms of pricing. Audi has already released official images of the Q8 concept. It has made its public debut at the 2017 Detroit Motor Show.

2017 audi q8 suv concept official image

Audi Q8 Specifications

Powering the new Audi Q8 will supposedly be V6 and V8 petrol and diesel engines that will be high on power but low on emissions. Audi might also bring in a couple of hybrid versions (plug-in hybrids) to take on the Tesla. There could also be a RS Sport version. As a product naming strategy, Audi is known to use odd numbers like Q3 and Q5 for regular SUVs and even numbers like Q4 and Q6 will be sportier breeds of the regular ones. If that holds on, then the Q8 will definitely pack a lot of punch. According to some sources close to the development, the Q8 will weigh 300kgs lighter than today’s Q7.

2017 audi q8 suv concept official image

Audi Q8 SUV Design

The Q8 is likely to be a cross between a SUV and a Sport Coupe. However, it will be bigger and probably look much more premium than the Q7, the Mercedes GLE and the BMW X6. The Q8 will not be a boxy SUV. Rather, it will be a more stylish, coupe-like crossover as all upcoming even numbered Audi SUVs are to be. Based on the images of the concept car here, the Q8 will be instantly recognisable as an Audi with its gaping hexagonal grille and sleek LED headlamps. It looks much more sporty than the Q7. If the images of the Q8 concept are anything to go by, the upcoming SUV will definitely be a head turner.

2017 audi q8 suv concept official image

Even its interior look very futuristic, but unmistakably Audi. Expect the cabin of the production spec Q8 to reek of quality materials and large touchscreen interfaces. Glossy black surfaces dominate the dashboard of the concept. There are barely any physical buttons in the cabin of the concept SUV. Expect that number to go up once the production-ready model is revealed. From the looks of it, the Q8 will be a strict 4 or 5 seater.

2017 audi q8 suv concept official image front dashboard

Audi Q8 SUV Concept Images

Talking to Welt, Lichte said, “From some customers’ point-of-view, we lacked the necessary differentiation. This will change in the future. Every new Audi model will have its own character and express it in its formal language – both in the exterior and in the interior.”

Audi Q8 SUV Images 1

Stay tuned for latest news updates on Audi Q8 SUV Launch, Price, Specifications and even the Audi Q8 India launch prospects.