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Car Comparison – Chevrolet Beat Vs Hyundai i10; Which One Is Better And Why ?

Which car should I buy ? Hyundai i10 Or Chevrolet Beat ?

If the above question is confusing you, don’t worry. I will share some important points of both these cars which will help you make your decision. The launch of Chevrolet Beat has created a new competition between Chevrolet and Hyundai

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 vs Chevrolet Beat

Chevrolet Beat

I recently visited a friend of mine who wants to buy a new car. His budget is up to Rs. 4 Lakhs and he wants to but a compact car for his family of 4. At the same time, comfort and convenience is very important to him, so is the low cost of maintenance and reliability.

He was confused between Hyundai i10 and Chevrolet Beat. In this article I will compare basic features of Hyundai i10 1.1 iRDE / Hyundai i10 Kappa Engine and Chevrolet beat side by side.

In the below Table, I will compare important Specification,  features and price of Hyundai i10 and Chevrolet Beat. I will be comparing the Chevrolet Beat  PS and LS variant  / Hyundai iRDE 1.1 Era / Hyundai i10 1.3 Kappa Magna variant. I am considering all three with metallic paint. I will highlight the box text with green color for which the I find the attribute as best among all three cars.

Chevrolet Beat 1.2 PS Chevrolet Beat 1.2 LS Hyundai i10  1.1 iRDE Era Hyundai i10 1.2 Kappa Magna

Price (Ex. Showroom Delhi)

Rs. 3,34,990

Rs. 354,990

Rs. 3,70,461

Rs. 3,96,463

Engine capacity

1.2 Liter

1.2 Liter

1.1 Liter

1.2 Liter

Max Power in BHP





Max Torque in Nm





Valve-train type

16 Valve, DOHC

16 Valve, DOHC

12 Valve , SOHC

16 Valve, DOHC

Wheel Size





Tubeless Tyres





Body colored bumpers





Body Colored Side Door Handles





Body Colored Tail Gate Handle





Power Steering





Tachometer (RPM meter)





Tilt Steering





Internally Adjustable Outside Mirrors





Air conditioner with heater





Power Windows Front





Power Windows Rear





Battery Saver





Central Locking





Passenger Vanity Mirror





Day/Night Rear View Mirror






3 years / 100000 Kms

3 years / 100000 Kms

2 years

2 years

Fuel Mileage as per ARAI

18.6 KMPL

18.6 KMPL

17.8 KMPL

18.1 KMPL

Interior Color





Total Score (Green colored boxes)





I have tried to compare the important Performance / Luxury / Safety and Convenience.  The Chevrolet Beat 1.2  LS comes very close to Hyundai 1.2 Kappa Magna in terms of features, but considering the price difference of Rs. 41,000 which is a big difference (approximately 11 % more the cost of Chevrolet Beat LS) .

But if you compare the features which i10 Kappa 1.2 Magna offers and compare them with somewhat equivalent LS Model of Chevrolet Beat 1.2, then the price of i10 Kappa seems slightly overpriced.

Should I Select Hyundai i10 or Chevrolet Beat

I will rule out i10 1.1 iRDE from this competition because of its low engine power and torque for a fair competition. For details read – Hyundai i10 1.1 iRDE vs Hyundai i10 1.2 Kappa.

Case 1  – You have constrained budget and want high value for money  – Go for Chevrolet Beat 1.2 PS – Its the best value for money.

Case 2  – You have flexible budget, you want comfort and value for money  – Go for Chevrolet Beat 1.2 LS – Its the best balance between budget and Luxury.

Case 3  – You are not much worried about budget and want high luxury and convenience  – Go for i10 Kappa 1.2 Magna – Its the best in terms of convenience and luxury.

Hope this comparison helps you make a correct choice.

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  1. If you are willing to pay the price of Magna version, then you get Climatic controller on Beat which I feel is the best value for money and luxury which definitely beats i10.

  2. Forgot to add one more thing, with the price of Magna you also get rear wash wipe, rear defogger and also CD player. So it beats i10 all ways…

  3. Beat LT comes with tilt steering as well, so virtually price to feature comparison Beat wins

  4. @Nirmal
    Thanks for bringing up some useful points 🙂

  5. Good comparison. But i believe i10 Magna be compared with Beat LT.

    Agree with the point made by Nirmal

  6. i think after looking all the features of beat & i10, in terms of value for money & new technology vehicle part beat realy beats i10 in all aspects except one or two features.i will go for beat which is full of latest technology & luxry

  7. were is BEAT, why not on road ,GM shall make its delivery to consumers as early as possible, as it BEATSme all the way

  8. Nirmal is true about Beat. Look at the design, value for money and luxury, Mp3 player, 4 Spekers, Alloy Wheels, Dual Airbags, ABS. I say u should go for Beat (LT option) Model.

  9. beat has beaten all the cars in its segments if ur still thinking of wat to buy its ur misery go for beat its here to rule

  10. Hi,,,Could you let us know…when will u gonna Launch DIESEL version of BEAT,,,Eagerly waiting to buy CHEVROLET BEAT LT in DIESEL version…

    >>Also got to know through web info that in future you would launch multiple version of BEAT,,,I mean Petrol and Diesel Utility vehicle in December10? is that so? Kindly let us know asap so that we can plan to buy 1 in future… Thank You 🙂 ,,

  11. @M Vinod Kumar
    I don’t know about that yet, if i get some credible information about more Beat variants, I will publish it.

  12. Hey – There is one important comparison that is being forgotten by everybody. The Engine and the Service Network. i10 Kappa is known to be a good engine with full aluminium metal, whereas the S TEC II engine is the Die cast iron engine and heavier. The Service network of Hyundai or Maruti is much bigger than all other car vendors put together. With these in mind, I would recommend stronlgy Hyundai i10 than ano other cars. Cheers, Prasanna

  13. But the service network of Chevvy’s is spreading day by day, in the coming years they are planning to open more dealers and workshops………………
    Don’t be worry about service network, just go for BEAT……………………………….

  14. hi friends bought beat on 8th jan and by 27 jan i hav completed 2600 k’s and believe me i hav travelled thru worst roads in my village and best as well on NH1 No problem with the car except the fact that at times pickup seemed to be low when i had race with skoda octavia and toyata innova but at full limit i hav crossed 150 km/hr mark without any problem average mileage 15- 16 km/litre excellent leg space but less boot space nice interiors but high dashboard other than these two drawbacks the only other one seriously is low pickup .It might be my view as i am a new driver and this is my first car but certainly better than i10 and others not just coz i hav bought it but coz u will feel it after u drive it

  15. is the performance of beat is good than i10 kappa let me know leaving all other factors behind

  16. @jeevan
    If you mean picupk and power, It might be almost similar. You can judge only by test drive.

  17. beat diesel version ll be launched in october

  18. just test drove a beat. it beats i 10 in all aspects. it is here to stay and will give maruti and hyundai a run for their money.

  19. i10 comes with full aluminium block engine more advanced than beats normal engine so performance wise i think i10 wins

  20. Beat beats i10 in all aspects, be it look, performance, engine, pickup, and the most important the price tag of Beat is very good, you know Beat top model is available at the rate of the base model of the any other 1200cc car.

  21. Beat give us total value for our hardcore earn money. If im getting same efficient car in low price with good interior , exterior and with great milleage, why not to go for beat.. I will give five star to this superb car.

  22. The beat is a great car, so is the i10. When you look at safety, if you are comparing the Beat intermediate model to the i10 Magna, I belive the Mgana wins. This is because a good car is so designed to destroy itself if need be to keep the occupants safe. The engine is mounted in such a way in the i10 that it collapses to safe the driver and the crumple zone takes the most impact. ( Note I am not comparing the models with the ABS, EBD, Airbags)
    –> Result – i10 wins

    In terms of interiors, the i10 definitely is better. The beige interiors gives the occupant a feeling of a ” Big” car. The Beat still feels very cramped. This is factor that I would seriously consider. You would not feel the difference when you are traveling in the city. but on long distance driving, you definitely want a spacious cabin not a cramped one. The i10 seems to have an upper hand here.

    –> Result – i10 wins

    On the looks outside, the Beat wins Hands down in comparison to the i10. The Beat looks like a spaceage car.
    –> Result – Beat wins

    On the Engine Front – The i10 wins hands down, simply because all new age engines are made of aluminum. The die cast iron is an old technology and is a lot more heavier the aluminum engine. The Kappa engine from Hyundai, K series engine from Suzuki are all aluminum. I am surprised the Chevy is still with a older technology .
    –> Result – i10 wins

    On the price front – The beat wins hands down. For the price of a Top End Beat on the road, I would atmost get a Sportz variant of the i10. ( I am a critic, and I would suspect Chevy is compromising on something to reduce the price, but this is my assumption)
    –> Result – Beat wins

    Driving Comfort & Road Handling – The Beat definitely comes with a larger wheel, 14in vs the 13in of an i10. This definitely means, the Beat has better Road Grip and better Handling at Higher speeds. The i10 has the gear located at a very ergonomic position & also with the tilt steering in place, the i10 is a drivers dream on long distance drvinig.
    –> Result – i10 and Beat are on the same level

    Final summary

    If you believe, that Safety, Comfort are your Top priority AND you have a lil extra budget that you are willing to stretch, the i10 is your Car.

    If you believe, that looks are you top priority, and have a tight pocket the Beat is your dream car.

    Before I forget. I have test driven both the Beat and the i10 & here are the top speeds that I have attained without any car wobling and stress on the engine

    i10 – 140Kmph
    Beat – 125 – 130 Kmph

    To me the i10 is a proven old Horse and would be my choice.

    Thanks for reading.


  23. @dnz
    thanks dnz all ur comments are true and service network also hyundai wins

  24. thanKz for all coool comments every to make the reader educate the facts

  25. i 10 1.2 has the best in class pickup as it is lighter than beat and several other cars.comfort and luxury is also better than beat and after sales service of hyundai is also good.fuel average is slightly low than beat. so no doubt go for i10

  26. @dnz,

    excellent insight man. eye-openers. Thanks alot.

  27. which will be the best in resale value ?i10 or beat as beat is new one and has to proove himself

  28. i think ,best of them is beat ls

    as it is also spacious than i 10

  29. some facts to go for BEAT

    beat has an automatic climate control feature which is not available in any of the car in this segment.

    beat gives highest mileage of 18.6 km/l on highway and 15 – 16 km/l in city certified by ARAI and i10 magna gives 12.8 km/l in city driving.

    chevrolet beat VS hyundai i10

    BEAT i10
    length(mm) 3640 3565
    width(mm) 1595 1595
    kerb weight 965 860

    almost bigger and similar to i10 and heavier than i10 which ensures a balanced driving experience at high speeds, good control over the car.

    i took the test drive of beat and really found it more comfy than i10……..no matter how i10’s beige interiors looks……but on a design part if u put both of these concepts close to each other you will find beat more attractive..

    i10 dashboard is beige and plain…simple…..less trendy…..simple tachometers

    Beat has matte finishing and dual cockpit inspired by corvette which is a new thing in a hatchback segment…….it even carries a LCD display unit…….unfortunately i10 is behind in these aspects.

    i10 magna 1197 cc and beat is 1199 cc, beat gives more torque than i10

    moreover chevrolet provides 100000 kms or 3 yrs warranty on beat which is their strategy to capture market as well as it reduce the chevrolet owner’s burden somehow….

    if its about servicing…..there are more better options available outside other than the company service stations who are providing much better services and offers to the customers……..they are expertised in servincing almost every make or brand….from maruti to skoda……and even they provide exactly the same satisfaction at the less cost as compared to the company service providers.

  30. i bought i10 Magna 1.2 in may’09 till now i have covered 10k km n got no problem with the car….at least no problem that was not resolved by the the service center promptly. I live in unnao and my work requires me to visit villages regularly. i have driven on roughest of terrains and even got my car into a little lake with more than 70 % of engine inside water for more than 30 mins. a Tractor was used to take it out. all interiors ruined with mud water . no hope to get it home without any help from city. still i thought to give it a try. n i just fell in love with i10 once more when it started soundless in a single twist of the key. service center took care of interiors in 4 hrs and 600 rupees.

    Got problem with suspensions when it went through the big hole made by heavy rain on road. and service center replaced front suspension 9no charges) and gave me back my love within 5 hrs and yes this time also includes the time they spent on giving my car 2nd service and other checkups.

    i am getting avg FE of 14 kmpl with 60 % AC use. I hv gone to 145 KMPH without any problems.

    Test drove the Beat yesterday its gr8, stylish,( i dunno y but to me front looks toooooo inspired from Vista)( it seems they hv put i10, vist and ritz together and tried to make a new car out of it) Instrument console is gr8, looks modern and eye catching. Beige of i10 gets dirty much faster but feel wise its much soothing and relaxing. lighter interior gives feel of much more space and luxury(even with AC off– with ac chilling like i10 even 800 would feel luxurious on smooth roads– 🙂 .

    Beat is beautiful and a powerful machine , they had a plus point designing beat they knew wht they wld be competing with, and they have tried to leave no room to lag behind i10 and Ritz (some things to compete with i10 and other with ritz (they could or i should say they should hv done better).

    Chevy says beat is silent but hey no one ever sits with chair next to car and compare the sound diff of not more than 10%. at least until and unless one has plan to rob the bank in the silent night and leave the engine revving outside.

    When it comes to driving,steering is more accurate and responsive in i10 and its fun driving it even on crowded roads. its more Maneuverable and when speedometer crosses 80, i10 proves its still the best.despite of being lighter the car remains much more in command.

    one of the biggest plus points of beat is the it is not commonly seen, and i think the minus is that it wld take long time for beat to be commonly seen. i wld say one should go for beat if short on funds and has no plans to have a long ride in i10 later.

  31. @Amit

    Honest and a accurate review !

  32. @Amit, i understand your love with your I10, but please do not spread the roomers like handling is far better in I10 compared to Beat, which is not true, if you feel still feel so… i feel you are little biased.

    Dude, if you upgrade the tyre’s in Beat from 155/70R14 to 165/70R14, i am damn sure it over takes the handler and practicality of I10 in a far better way and will be equaled to RITZ.

    Noting in i10 can come close to Chevy Beat…
    One thing in i10 is good compared to Chevy beat is its middle level push… that too not too much difference there.

  33. @DNZ,

    >> I10 Kappa is a New technology(K series) engine and the Beat is the old technology <> I10 Beige interiors is better than Chevy Beat <> I10 is the drivers dream for long distance driving <>>
    i10 – 140Kmph
    Beat – 125 – 130 Kmph

    I10 Magna, dosent have ABS so running 140 Kms (just 10 KMS above) might be happy for you, but please make sure, you dont create unhappness of the road users becuase of your break effeciency which is not ABS powered.

    Chevy Beat LTO (ABS + EDB + Alloy weels + Automatic Climate) is equalent cost of I10 Magna.

    On the whole Chevy Beat is safe not only for the drivers even for the other road users.

  34. @DNZ,

    — I10 Kappa is a New technology(K series) engine and the Beat is the old technology —
    Dude, i am wondering the new technology engine cant even give the equalent milage of the pretty old technology engine what beat has? why is that?

    — I10 Beige interiors is better than Chevy Beat —
    Very interesting, these days those beige interiors are getting pretty old and not impressive to the drivers again the interious of Beat is not were less to I10

    — I10 is the drivers dream for long distance driving —
    I belive you have heard of the driver seat comfortability of Beat… dude Driver seat in Chevy is far far comfortable to the drivers… hope you are not too short in hight.

    i10 – 140Kmph
    Beat – 125 – 130 Kmph

    I10 Magna, dosent have ABS so running 140 Kms (just 10 KMS above) might be happy for you, but please make sure, you dont create unhappness of the road users becuase of your break effeciency which is not ABS powered.

    Chevy Beat LTO (ABS + EDB + Alloy weels + Automatic Climate) is equalent cost of I10 Magna.

    On the whole Chevy Beat is safe not only for the drivers even for the other road users.

  35. @DNZ

    If you believe, that Safety, Comfort are your Top priority AND you have a lil extra budget that you are willing to stretch, the i10 is your Car.

    If you believe, that looks are you top priority, and have a tight pocket the Beat is your dream car.

    Dude, do not think who goes and byes the Chevy beat are having tight pockets… you might be a fool to pay 5 laks for a maching work 4 laks..

    We are looking for the value of our money, that dosent mean I10 owners are richer and Chevy owners are poorer… please grow up when commenting things.

  36. @ Ponraj
    Why are you so Hysterical? With all the comments that you have written, I infer that you own a Beat and the attitude that you carry is pathetic to the point that you believe anything other than what you own is bad. I sense an immature kid, who’s had his hands on the first set of wheels, ranting with no intelligence in his thoughts. My sympathizes are with you.

    Now coming back to the point. “Dude, do not think who goes and byes the Chevy beat are having tight pockets… you might be a fool to pay 5 laks for a maching work 4 laks..
    We are looking for the value of our money, that dosent mean I10 owners are richer and Chevy owners are poorer… please grow up when commenting things. “

    I have never said that Chevy owners are poor. Owning a cruze is not a poor man’s past time hobby. You definitely have to read what is written properly and not make juvenile assumptions of professional reviewers. You probably have 50 lakhs in your pocket, and you need to buy a house and a car. If you are a sensible and a mature person (which I doubt looking at your comments) you would invest a larger portion of your capital in an appreciating asset like a house than blow it on a depreciating entity like a car. This simply means that you have a lot of money, but still tight on your pocket while it comes to buying a car.

    On the other comments you have posted, I don’t really wanna waste my time justify them to you, because you are not worth it. I again am not bothering to reply to any other childish war of words that you are going to post on this forum, following this post of mine.
    The people who visit this site, have a decent IQ level and there is enough proof with my earlier post that I know what I am talking about and you really really need to have an open mind.

    BTW, I nether own a i10 or a Beat, and I’m a neutral entity who has posted thoughts on my observations and inferences on both the i10 and the beat.

    I just want to thank you for the opportunity for letting me post on your site.


  37. I think beat defiantly beats I10 in case of style, power & value for money. so I will defiantly go for the beat.

  38. I want to buy a beat or i10 now i having finalize Beat, so my decision would be best for me to buy ths car???????

  39. ya hiren your decision is very good i10 cant beat BEAT am also planning to for beat coz in small segment with that luxury with reasonable i never seen.. its totally a good car..

  40. the i10’s interior fit & finish , quality of the materials etc. is much better than the beat . And the dual tone color scheme of the i10’s interior makes its cabin a much better place to be in . The beat’s full black theme on the inside gives a very gloomy feel to it . Talking about the exterior though….. the beat looks waaaayyy better ! The beat also has some acceleration issues .

  41. @dnz, why getting so personal man? who cares for your justifications, you damn wasted 4 paragraphs ranting on everything but the cars! huh! i think you need to grow up , stop wasting everyones time.

  42. which is better beat fully loaded model and i10 kappa

  43. As what I see from specifications and the above reviews, both Beat and i10 seem in tight competition. Personally though I like the looks, features and value for price offered by Beat, yet somewhere i10 is a much older car and is more proven on road. So may be the comparision will weigh more probably an year from now(when Beat is really proven to tough Indian road conditions over a long duration). As of now, not causing much confusion, i10 is a better deal in case someone fears investing in a new car and counts more on servicing. If you are ready to experience power and style with little compromise on servicing and “Proven” status, Beat is best(after all its a GM).

  44. I bought Astar a month back and has travelled about 5000 Kms. Its a wonderful car with all latest features incorporated. . Astar wins when it comes to performance, style, mileage and engine refinement compared with other car in its segment

  45. I hav a WagonR but its clutch has become vry tight, which has caused a pain in my stomach. It may seem a bit weird bt Maruti cars hav this problem. i Wanna purchase Beat or i10, wil anybdy suggest whether the clutch of these cars remain softer even after 50000 KM. Plzzz.

  46. More over the performance of A Star is quite good. It will be very easy to maneuver the city traffic at ease.the top speed of A Star is 138 kmph so i guess it doesnt lack performance. This is a fresh new design. The look of A Star is too good.

  47. I think i 10 is a nice car even Beat is also nice But the Service of chevrolet is Not so good as they shutted their company in USA

  48. GoodDay, Gentleman
    Kindly note that i’d test driven both beat and i-10. Yes i do get the feeling that beat does really lack a bit in pickup and power compared to i-10 magna. Mreover the price of beat with this mch of tech, does really question one of it notknown drawback compared to i-10. Could you let me know of your opinion and choice. The name beat does beat one on itz looks and modern design. I’m constrained on budget of 4.5 lkhs. Plannin to keep it fr atleast 7 yrs min. May u advice accordingly to my mail !

  49. do we need to fill in water in the carburator of i10-kappa ??

  50. @gegarin
    i think u mean radiator, not carburetor. Almost all cars with Petrol or Diesel engines are liquid cooled and need water. However, most of them get the water and coolant topped up during the regular service, so nothing special you need to do. In case your car is heating up, you should check the coolant / water levels in a bottle which is usually a while plastic bottle under the bonnet. If you are not sure how to do it, you can refer to the user manual of your car.

  51. I would like to give a fair comparison of Aluminium vs Cast Iron Engines. Chevrolet Used to produce Aluminium engines far back in 1960’s, these are lighter in weight and produces more power compared to Cast Iron But GM soon realized after 3-4 years of manufacturing that Aluminium Engines if not cared properly (By cared i mean cooled, cleaned) then the engine may produce local heating spots which could deform the engine. And then onwards GM stopped producing the Aluminum engines. Cast iron engines on the other hand are more rigid in terms of handling. I believe i10 thus has an electronic system to analyze the various components before the engine actually starts and thus avoiding any breakdown resulting from loss of coolant inside radiator.
    Thus we should not say Aluminium engines are New Technology. Though these might be new for Hyundai and Maruti.

  52. @Munish
    Thanks for sharing this information.

  53. i would say that if you want more luxury at 3,90,000 (kappa magna),why not go for Beat LT model…it’ll offer more luxury than the i10,much better as it comes fully loaded with automatic climate control/roof rails/integrated stereo etc.And that too at the same price….3,94,000

  54. What about Fuel Efficiency?
    City and Highway Pls.
    Does Chevy Beat BEATS i10 to that?

  55. @Rakesh
    I am not sure about it, any users of Chevy beat, please share the city and highway mileage.

    I have an i10, 1.1 iRDE which is about 2 years old, in Delhi traffic, it gives about 13 KMPL with AC and on highway it gives about 17 KMPL with AC

  56. I am a proud owner of Misty Lake Chevrolet Beat LT. I must admit that the pulling power of Beat especially in the 2nd gear is much less compared to i10. But the 4th and the 5th gears will reveal the real beast in the Beat. All my worries about the lack of pick up on the second gear faded away when I calculated my mileage figures. It was an astonishing 17km/liter in the city and 20.43km/liter on the highways with 100% time automatic climate control on. The ride and the handling is excellent. But the rear suspension is producing a drumming sound while driving through bad roads. When contacted my dealer assured me that it will be rectified by putting some collars in to the rear suspension at the first service.

  57. Chevrolet Beat… I think it looks good, and consistent with my living. Salaries this month I intend to buy it.

  58. I have Chevy Beat LT just crossed 1000Km. Yesterday went for a long 400Km drive from Pune to Murud Beach. With AC on, it gave me 20Km/ltr mileage. Drove at speeds exceeding 115Km/hr in Mumbai Express highway. Great Car. I am fully satisfied.

  59. Dr Joydeep Roy

    which one wl be better for (beat or i10 magna )regular use in congested narrow and bad roads. As i m practising in a remote town in Assam.. Silchar. Please help.

  60. @Dr Joydeep Roy
    With larger wheels and slightly compact width, Beat might prove more comfortable for you. Since you are residing in a remote town, look for the availability of the service center of the car you buy. If there is no service center nearby, it may create a problem in times of need.

  61. Currently with the free insurance offer from hyundai , i10 sportz model is only 6000 different from Beat. So quite confused which car will be a better option?

  62. sir, which is best, chevorlet beat LT option pack or hundai i 10 ASTA 1.2,for city drive 50k.m. per day &family of 5 persons or only cheverlet beat LT is ok, is there need to go for ABS & Air bags ?

  63. GUys trust me BEAT REALI ROCKS.da pick mite be a concern initialy on the second gear but dere is a reason for dat,to give extra mileage.as soon as da rpm reaches 2000 ,it cruises lyk anythin.
    I went upto 167km/h on delhi gurgaon highway nd gotta feel as if i was stil running on 100.da vibration inside was almost nil.
    gm is da godfather for cars.go for the vehicle.
    beat rocks man.
    go for a test drive

  64. hi, am extremely confused with two particular cars one is chevy BEAT and i10… this would be my very first car and will be precisely using for around 5-6 years am an weekend driver,useage would be in bangalore alone, and occasional high way drives, am looking for comfortable and safety , beat is the one in my mind but quite worried about after sales service and spares and heard that rear seats are not spacious in chevy and am also looking for mileage and cheap maintenance car , i request u to suggest me the best which suites me ,,,thank u

  65. go for beat

  66. Yes, even i got my Cocktail Green color BEAT LT today, it has amazing handling in the city and the whole issue raised on 2nd gear pick up is in fact a boon while driving in city, you would not have to work through gears frequently, which means less braking and more mileage during traffic conditions.

    I am yet to test the mileage and highway handling

  67. i nead an economically car n ther shld nt be aftr service…, i had seen both cars bt i lyk the beat looks wise.. n nw i m confused btw both……. plz suggest me

  68. A very feasible comparison…both the two classes are same and are really tough competitors. I would opt for Beat as the interiors are more fresh and new as compared to the i10.

  69. no comparison between beat and i10……….don’t be fascinated by the mileage…..cause its tyres recommended pressure more than usual…..for good mileage……..go for i10….its pick up and mileage after 2000 km is best

  70. Yes friends ,it was really tough job to compare and choose between Beat/i10 but finally I decided by my heart and choosed Beat LT and I hope that I will be among the most satisfied customers of this product,wish u all good wishes for chevvy Beat users & owners.

  71. i am confused between Beat LT & i 10 Sportz. Which one is the best, suggest me.

  72. Friends .. thank for all these experienced and advise on beat and i10. Really helpful.

    Please also share your experiences and opinion on
    1) Servicing quality, time it takes, pick-drop etc
    2) Maintenance cost
    3) Comparing Cost of spare parts
    4) General Motors .. will it survive, I heard its not doing too well? Will my car get service centre and spare parts after 3-4 yrs?

  73. HI everyone, i juts bought the moroccan blue chevy beat LT yesterday and took it for a drive around the city. as already stated i found the pickup in 2nd gear to be really poor. also the car was not moving in the second gear in a steep incline. i had to bring it to 1st gear to take it up. is this a problem with just my car is everyone finding a problem in the 2nd gear?

  74. A-Star and wagon R has limited Space, and has no coparison with I10 and Beat, Also Wagon R is costlier than Beat,

    I10 is peppy and quick but beat crawls initially,
    Beat is very spacious and cosy car, It is very pleasing for eyes,

    I always wanted to buy maruti but they compromise on space, The rear seat of A Star is for Kids only, a six footer cannot sit inside, Even if prices are compared beat Lt is still cheaper than A-star VXi which makes it a better option, No doubt in this price beat is best in this category


  76. @vivek
    go for kappa, its more fun to drive and mileage is same as irde. See this link – http://www.carblogindia.com/hyundai-i10-kappa-12-vs-hyundai-i10-irde-11/

  77. i want more feedback

  78. I have just booked Chevy Beat LT (Not Option pack)with KLN Motors, Chennai. I was impressed by it looks and GM claims 18 KM/Ltr fuel consumption. But I am very much worried, when I go thro the reviews posted by the existing owners of Beat. Most of them are complaining of Poor mileage and no response from GM Call Centre/Dealers.

    I always wished to go for Maruti/Hyundai. I feel I have taken a wrong decision of buying Beat, cheated by its looks.

    anyone can clarify my doubt pls

  79. Vipra Vibhas Bhardwaj

    According to me BEAT is the best car in its segment. I have Beat LT and i purchased it in May 2010. At the begining my car used to give 9 or 10 kmpl of
    mileage but now it’s improving slowly. Recently i checked it so it was 14 kmpl in city of Delhi with Ac.
    BEAT is Mind Blowing car…………..
    It’s a fun driving that car!!:)

  80. hi, today I left my Beat LT, for a second service and complained about the mileage and the pickup in 2nd gear. Service person said that they are going to update the s/w program so this will resolve the issue. I am hoping for the best. And also continued that this issue was only for the initial vehicles and was updated in all the latest lots. However, with the same issues, I still love the car..just bcoz of it’s looks and primarily this was my God’s gift for me… thankq

  81. beat have ac filter and at rear 60:40 split seat at such a low cost

  82. No doubt go for beat……….. in every aspect it is better than i10……

  83. Hey, I m using Beat LT since July-2010, I also have experience of Driving i10 1.2 Magna, in most of the cases u feel no difference, Mileage of BEAT LT is too good in city @ around 14kmpl with AC and 16+ kmpl on highway. Lookwise there is no comparision and it gives luxury feel while driving with auto AC. I am satisfied with my BEAT LT.

  84. i like chevy beat because…..its having great looks over i10..and performance wist its is the best car…
    but i10 is also a good car…so i am confused..in both kindly help some one…???

  85. beat beat all the cars(his range).
    who looking for a cool,smart&tech car choose beat.

    plz compar alto kb10 with beat plz

  86. beat is good looking&low range car this is a top car of year 2010 exelent car

  87. BEAT IS BEST ……………………………

  88. I think that Hyundai i10 is absolutely superb! It has a better mileage than Chevrolet Beat.Its interiors are also too good compared to Chevrolet Beat.Hyundai i10’s color range is also good.

    I think that Hyundai i10 is too good!

  89. Very interesting to read, clears all the doubts. It will be better for us if you add few more things while comparison, like service stations, services, resale value, safety, overall life in terms of years if maintained in a same conditions. Thanks

  90. Hi,
    Any idea when GM is launching Beat in Dsl?

  91. Hi guys. I’d jus like to present my view on the comparison. Recently I got Beat top end version (without ABS). I drove my uncle’s i10 (1.1l) previously which I felt is a very good car. No doubt Hyundai is makingbreally good cars. But the moment I took out my beat from showroom I could feel the difference in ride quality. Beat gives u the ride quality of a big car. I agree at some point beat lags like still using hydraulic power steering as compared to electroic power steering with Hyundai. The aircon with automatic climate control is flawless. When you open the bonnet you will see the attention given by Chevrolet in putting the sound deadner and other components which are directly from US. Where as Hyundai has used Korean parts. When u start the engine basically you can’t hear the engine and you have to look at the tachometer to find if the engine is running. The sound with which the doors and bonnet closes gives you the impression that how solid thevcar is. I’m from Patna n people have the mind set that Suzuki n Hyundai provides ultimate service…….o doubts about it. But when I went to the Chevrolet service centre what I was impressed with was the availability of smalles n tiniest spare parts like door clips n touch up paint. For me I believe both beat n i10 are DOHC. I’m not really sure about the aluminium head engine block. I really liked the fit and finish of the dashboard. My elder bro got i20 and yeah that’s the car worth driving which has superior ride quality. But in the small car segment I believe Beat is a good choice if u r looking for a commuter with a little compromise on boot space. Do write for any critics comment. Thanx

  92. Hello All,

    I am totally confused,

    The showroom guys suggest me to take hyundai,
    But I am bit crazy on looks, I am a starter as well,

    Please sugesst me if I should go for Beat or I10?


  93. hi friends i have a beat..its a wonderfull car with good mileage and great interior, am satisfy with my beat

    go for beat..

  94. Thank u so much Praveen…

  95. Dear all,

    After reading all comments still i am not reaching at any destination i am planning to purchase a car in next two months but which is best i10 magna kapa-2 or beat LT totaly confused can u pl. suggest me which car give me right value of money.

  96. little correction its not about value of money but its aslo includs comfort.

  97. beat LT has got striking features like automatic climate control a/c, tilt steering, back wiper, defogger, large rear spoiler, satin silver roof rail,front fog lamps, boot lamp, 4 power windows, inbuilt music system with very cool blue light finish and shiny touch dashboard which is extremely attractive. but the boot space is less compare to other cars in its segment. The exterior design is very aggresive and stylist in natue which looks stunning. pick up is extremely good and its quite comfortable car to drive but with a/c on pick up slightly drops. Its a car which surely wins the heart of everyone.

  98. BEAT rocks.. Real value for money.. GO for it…

  99. hy iam planing to buy a budget of 4-4.5 lakhs so i just searching the petrol acr ,my usagae is 300 km/month. acn anyone suggest me beat LT OR I10 kappa …real owners please and real performance.

    in punjab there is no beat model car on road why some says more like to drive long prefer to diesl.

    i need to buy a new car with mileage/manitenace free….suggeatme.


  100. @ramakrishna
    Both are good with i10 having better sales record and better customer feedback. I have an i10 1.1 iRDE May 2008 Model which is running good for last three years. I also drive about 500 KM per month. You can go for i10.

  101. Can anyone tell which one is better in mileage?
    I10 or beat
    And is it that the pick up of beat not at all stisfying????

  102. actually i meant
    beat LT and I10 1.2 kappa
    please do reply

  103. thnx…it really helps about my dream car “Beat” diesel version.

  104. Can someone please advice me on following

    1 Does Best power steering gives you same comfort as any other car because it has got hydraulic power steering compared to electronic power steering in other cars

    2 Are Beat parts expensive and car requires more frequent servicing compared to i10. If someone takes car to other than company workshop, can Beat be serviced and repaired? Example: For Maruti, car can be serviced at other than authorized outlets and parts are available of various companies and due to this parts are competitively priced. Does it apply to Beat? Are Beat components of high quality and subject to lesser wear and tear compared to Maruti?

  105. I have used beat ls petrol for 3 years, I used I10 also. I am really blown away with little beats performance, regarding service, it needs very less service. Pickup is just awesome. I’m very happy with my beat

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