Kia Motors Cars May Launch In India – Possible Cars To Debut


With the commencement of the year 2011 a number of global majors are planning to enter India of which the most awaited brands are Ferrari , Proton, Mazda, Ssangyong and a few others and newest to the list of such anticipated manufacturers is Kia which is a part of Hyundai Group.

Michael Choo, Kia Motors spokesperson had stated “Kia Motors is only in the initial feasibility study stage and is contemplating whether to launch its cars in India” In fact some of the sources have informed that the company is sincerely working on its entry into our market.


For settling into India one has to look for a place and Kia is doing exactly the same as it is said to be figuring out pieces of lands near Hyundai’s Irungattukottai factory, located on Chennai’s outskirts. Apart from Chennai, Gujarat is also under consideration.

In June this year one of the South Korean daily had reported on Kia’s plans for the Indian market wishing to establish a plant worth a capacity of 300,000 units excepted to become operational by 2012. The company is conducting numerous studies to find feasibilities of its establishment in our market, as stated by one of the company official.

Kia Motors Line-Up In India

Small Car                 Engine Capacity (Litres)          Estimated Price(Lakhs)

Kia Picanto                         1.1 CRDI diesel/1.0 MPFI petrol                Rs. 4

Kia Soul                                1.6 CRDI diesel/1.6, 2.0 petrol               Rs.8.48

Kia Rio                                  1.4 petrol/ 1.5 diesel                             Rs.5.95

Kia Venga                            1.4 petrol/1.6 petrol/1.6 CRDI                Rs. 7.87

Mid Size Car

Kia cee’d                              1.4 petrol/1.6 petrol/1.6 CRDI              Rs. 8.09

Kia Proceed (3 do0r)            1.4 petrol/1.6 petrol/1.6 CRDI               Rs. 7.87


Kia Rio                                  1.6 petrol                                             Rs. 6.5

Kia Forte                              2.0 petrol, 2.4 petrol                            Rs. 15.2

Kia Optima                         2.0 petrol, 2.4 petrol                              Rs. 20.58


Kia Sorento                         2.4 petrol/2.0 CRDI/2.2 CRDI                 Rs. 20.11

Kia Sportage                       2.0 petrol/2.0 Diesel                              Rs. 14.9


Kia Sedona                          2.2 CRDI                                                 Rs. 15

Station Wagon

Kia Carens                           1.6 petrol/1.6 Diesel                              Rs. 10

Kia cee’d SW                      1.6 petrol/1.6 CRDI                                 Rs. 10.7