Maruti Suzuki Small Car To Compete With Tata Nano


Maruti Suzuki has given a lot to the Indian customers and the Indian Automobile industry as well and is still working to offer better products targeted at buyers belonging to all the classes, who have faith in what the company offers. Cars like Maruti Alto K10, A-Star, Swift, Swift Dzire,Zen Estilo etc have helped this Indian major reach a point which was impossible otherwise.


A while back the brand gained as much as 50 percent of the total market share which was gradually lost due to a decrease in sales and taking this setback seriously Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL) is planning to introduce a small car to compete with the Tata Nano.

Maruti has already started negotiations regarding price of the components from auto firms and is working on to strike the right balance between the all so as to transform their notions into a real product which could fall very near to the existing Nano.

An official on the condition of anonymity has said, “The plan was there for a long time after it announced the phasing out of Maruti 800. However, it was closely watching and waiting for the economy to turn around. Now the plans are back on the front burner. As per the plans, the car will be priced below Rs 2 lakh,”

Another official when approached added, “Negotiations are already going on and the company has asked us to cut the prices of our parts by at least 15-20 per cent for one of their new models,” However, later all such plans were denied by a Maruti Suzuki Spokesperson.

Further the former official stated “What the company is looking at is quality better than Nano so there would be little difference of margin. Talks are already going on with various auto component companies. The company is re-negotiating deals with component providers for Alto,”

Now with such great news down the line we could barely wait to see what the brand will offer at the global level, and we do wish them luck.

We suspect that this project maybe same as the Stripped Down Alto Which May Come Out Around Rs. 2 Lakh, this suspicion will be cleared when we get some official details about this project.

source – India Today


  1. When should I book the car because I stay in chennai pl reply & where is the booking office in chennai please let me know

  2. heyyyy… this is what I’m looking for.. the SMART CAR @ SMART PRICE… Really feel happy & very eager to buy it, the main reason being I am physically handicapped and feel that I cannot handle the bigger sized cars in heavy traffic conditions of Hyderabad, depending on somebody to pick me up always from place to place as i haven’t learned even the driving & another reason too is that i cannot afford the costlier vehicles… with the help of this SMART CAR, I hope all my problems about my personal transport would vanish… thank you MARUTHI SUZUKI… my another request is to ADD ON for the handicapped SETTINGS for HAND CONTROL too… to be incorporated within a COMPANY MANUFACTURED SMART CAR FOR HANDICAPPED… with best price & mail me the information, when to be alert for booking it… thank you once again MARUTHI SUZUKI…