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Tata Nano Catches Fire In Mumbai

The image below is truly horrifying and sends chills down my spine. This is a  photograph of a Tata Nano which caught fire mysteriously after few minutes of its delivery while being driven home from the showroom. The cause of the fire is still unknown but the fire originated from the rear of the car. Thankfully, nobody got hurt in the incident as the driver and co-passenger jumped out of the car before fire got fatal.

Tata Nano Fire Accident


The car almost got fully damaged because of this fire. This is a very dangerous and unacceptable incident and should not happen to any passenger car. I hope Tata will come up with some solid investigation behind this incident and ensure that this never happens to any of their cars ever again.

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  1. No one suggested possible cause of fire. or the companey has not mentioned the cause or remedy.

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