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110CC Automatic Gearless Scooter By TVS – TVS Wego

TVS Wego is the new scooter that has been showcased at the Auto Expo 2010 by TVS. It is a the multi-user, family-friendly and sleek metal bodied scooter that strikes a perfect balance between stability and maneuverability, power and mileage, sturdiness and ease, making it a delight to ride for any category of users; men and women, young and old, might be the next scooter to create a boom.



TVS WEGO Specifications

TVS Wego is equipped with a 110cc engine delivering a peak power of 8  BHP@ 7500 RPM. Vehicle simulation models, computational fluid dynamics and frequency response analysis techniques are being used in order to ensure smooth and noise-free engine and best-in-class ride comfort and handling. A low friction aluminum  engine providing best in its class mileage is there on the inside of the chassis.

  • 4 Stroke Single Cylinder air cooled engine
  • Single Overhead Cam Shaft
  • Max Power – 8 BHP @ 7500 RPM
  • Max Torque – 8 Nm @ 5500 RPM
  • V-Matic Automatic Transmission
  • 12 V, 4Ah Maintenance free battery
  • High rigidity under-bone type chassis
  • In-line Telescopic Hydraulic front suspension
  • Unit Swing hydraulically damped rear suspension
  • 130 mm diameter drum brakes both front and rear
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – 5 Litre

Why should Wego be bought? The reason is a Unique Feature of Body Balance Technology that enables lower steering effort, better control and maneuverability through optimum vehicle mass and mass distribution, making it the best scooter to handle in city traffic conditions. Partnering the Body Balance Technology are first in its category are twelve inch alloy wheels, sleek contour body, LED Tail lamp with optical guides, external fuel fill with hinged cap, an integrated glove box, twin city lamps, maintenance free battery, gas filled rear shock absorber, under seat combo charger to charge the vehicle battery as well as a cell phone and patented EZ center stand. The scooter’s under seat storage space that can hold a full face helmet.

After the  launch of TVS WEGO, TVS Motor has become the only company with the widest range of scooters in the market starting from the entry-level Scooty Teenz, Scooty Teenz Electric to the iconic Scooty Pep+, the snazzy Scooty Streak and now the TVS WEGO.

TVS Wego Features

There are many unique features in TVS Wego like:

  • Easy Slide Stand
  • 12 Inch alloy wheels
  • Ignition key hole glow in dark
  • Telescopic suspension in front
  • Twilight Lamps
  • LED tail lamp with optical glow
  • Big Storage below seat
  • Balancing features like Font-side center of gravity
  • Stays in straight line on uneven roads
  • Steady and Stable ride quality
  • Well distributed body weight
  • Easy maneuverability
  • short turning radius
  • Rides two passengers without wobbling

TVS Wego Price

TVS Wego is prices around Rs. 42000 Ex-showroom Delhi.

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  1. excellent. already hot market with Activa, Aviator, Access, Rodeo, Duro has new competition. Good for customers as lot of options

  2. To bad from TVS, they announced the scooter in November. I was expecting this scooter would be launched atleast after the AutoEXPo but still now news about it. TVS has not even created a website for wego, the website is still under construction.

  3. Good News now TVS Wego is available in Bangalore also Visit meghdooth Motors MG Road Call 080 25596606


    When i get delivery ?




  6. What is top speed of wego

  7. @Deva
    I am not very sure, but it should be close to 80 KMPH

  8. Buy it with proud for its Indian.

  9. Wego is good, but a large number of population is attracted towards the brand “Honda”. Although Wego scores over the activa, it hasnt been popular as it is a new entrance in the market. TVS aims @ Wego to increase their overall sales figure.

    When people ask me about scooters, I always used to say “Activa”. I own one and it is good, but now I started suggesting Activa, Rodeo and Wego. I leave up to them. After saying Wego, people fire a lot of questions about it. Most of them dont know that TVS has a bike called “Wego”. Primarily Wego should be marketed well to become a popular bike like “Scooty”.

  10. Aswathy Chandran, Thiruvalla

    It is very nice scooter than honda activa .

  11. Hi all good to hear that u have owned a TVS Wego the one whoever has owned TVS Wego let us know the mileage on road & which city your into ride with TVS Wego & also some other features like pick up & suspension & wheel alignment when your on a double ride, mainly how showroom price on road & also some more info about the spare parts & finishing of the vehicle.

  12. ya i also want to know about the mileage nd showroom prise of the wego…..
    but please quickly………….

  13. wego its really a great one in market at present I had been for a test drive yesterday I was amased with the body balencing feature its so smoth on road its fun to ride a bike with such features though looks huge feels loght weighted and easy to ride
    very good work from TVS for a comfo 2 person ride
    but the price is huge overall amt comes about 52720 which is a huge amt I think but still guess its worth compared to other ones in the market 🙂

  14. want to know about TVS Wego Website as wanted to raise a complain regarding the vehicle as it is not giving the average which is actually mentioned………

  15. Hi guys, our markets are full of honda products, so i think we should think differently and use other products, i drove TVS WEGO it is for both men and women, its power and pick up are amazing when compared to same type of products in the market, and we can see the good ratings of WEGO from Popular auto magazines than other similar products. the mileage is same as the other honda products in the city and highway conditions, and pick up is more than honda products, because of less heavier than other honda products.

  16. Is it the only scooter whose fuel tank opening is not under the seat?

  17. duro,wego and avitor.which one to be preffered. smooth on ride,handelling,good milage on city road.

  18. Hi All,

    I bought TVS Wego a month ago n im truely amazed. It is excellent on road, light weighted, comfortable and easy to handle. It has a great pickup and a smooth ride. I did not have any problems as such. It is too early to comment on mileage as of now. But it comes upto a steady 43-45Kms in the city(Bangalore). In my opinion i feel it is really awesome n im proud of ma bike…(secretly, i enjoy people commenting abt it when standing at a trafic signal, lol)


  19. hi tvs wogo have some problem about milage and is head light. also his egnation not glow in night.

  20. Hi all

    Just booked TVS wogo , i think its really good …………

  21. Hey Guys & Gals, I must say – just go & get one. I owned one before one month & its amazing. 45 to 50+ mileage in the city (extra premium).

    Only scooter with fully metal body… as now new activa has got PVC body only. Sturdy & Stylish scooter..


  22. Hi friends I, P.C. Tiwari Searching a scooter for mayself & faimly I see all the brands Like Honda-Activa, Hero-Honda-Pleasure, Suzuki-Acess125, Mahindra Rodio, Mahindra Duro and at the last TVS Wego because it is not available in market. When I look TVS Wego I very much satisfied for its design, model, colour, Fully Metalic body & symbole of modernity and innovation and excellent features. Although above all brands prices are near about same so I finally decided & sure I have only purchase TVS Wego not wait and see any other scooter. With Regards! I very Thankful TVS Co. Ltd.

  23. I bought a brown wego a month back and i’m reeeeely happy with it. the drive quality is superb, the engine rev is perfect, the features are thoughtful and the mileage is pretty good. great ownership and driving pleasure. nevertheless, i have one serious problem: the silencer juts out awkwardly and is literally a mile away from the body. as a result, the possibility of being hit by vehicles which tailgate is very, very high. And i’ve experienced it twice in a period of 1 month.(in the activa, the silencer is actually cocconed in the body shell and is perfectly guarded. Wego owners, especially in the city may have to put up with frequent silencer repairs, dent removal or perhaps even replacement, if the dash-impact is high. would be great if tvs could do something about this.

  24. Hi,
    I just brought a TVS Wego about a week ago.
    Filled it with xtra premium petrol, and I was hoping that it will atleast last for a week or maybe more than that! but unfortunately the scooter seems to ‘drink” petrol tooo much!
    Pls help me to calculate the milage, if anyone knows how to do it!

  25. Any user plz tel me about Wego’s mileage and ground clearance..

  26. tvs wego is kind of good. hopefully it is good in milage and speed .

  27. I had purchased TVS wego in the month of august in Hyderabad (susheel motors , kukatpally, hyd). I met with an accident; some of the parts got damaged. I went to service center (susheel motors, kukatpally, hyd). They didn’t told me how claim the insurance. I asked several times even they don’t know “how to claim”….

    At last I called the insurance company… by the time they have detached all part. So I can’t claim any insurance……..

    One very worst thing is “to replace the damage part they took 16 day’s”.

    TVS wego is good, But don’t buy from Susheel Motors, kukatpally, hyd

  28. I have had the Wego for over 4monthes now, and Ive had the first service a month ago, and let me tell you that once the first service is over, the Wego literally flies on the road. (They change the airfilter, so more power!) mileage would be around 40-50, given that you drive withing the eco range.

    and about top speed, i hit 80kmph on Bangalore roads. I would be going to the highway later to see how fast it can go, but given my weight (53kgs) im guessing it would easily touch 85 and have trouble climbing above that at around 87-88kmph.
    it hits 60kmph on full throttle at around 10seconds.

  29. have purchased TVS WEGO on june 19th from SAI motors Ahmedabad my since then facing a lot average/mileage problem,M really fed up of it,I was commited the average of 50 km/ltr instead it gives me only 30 km/ltr lot many times I went to Kataria motors located at Kankaria Ahmedabad for repair but still facing the same problem,kindly let me know is there any senior and efficient engineer in TVS company who can solve this average problem or else should I escalte this case in media,and also want an exchange of vehicle.

  30. @Kiran
    I would suggest you to drop them an email at service support using this page – http://www.tvsmotor.in/contactus.asp
    If they don’t reply, call the numbers there and discuss the matter.

  31. hi all, its really good bike for girls now i’m getting mileage about to 43-45km and i am engoying the ride.


  33. Sir,
    what the mileage of this TVS Wego and price at Ex-showroom Sangli

  34. all of persond this is good news for all of tvs members
    tvs wego is one of the scooter i the word. this scooter is very
    nice rider and very stylish. i love wego that is tvs wego.

  35. i want exact on road price for tvs wego pls kailash bhai kya huwa mera vehicle nmr kya huwa kya bhai zaldhi dhoo naa i like tvs wego

  36. Hi Guys,

    I have used an Aviator and Dio from honda in last 5 years. Now i bought Wego 1 week back…….I am a big fan of Honda, however my experience with Wego has been wonderful as of now. I really think its much advanced scooter compare to Activa & Dio, Avitor has some of the features to compete with Wego. TVS has used all the latest technologies in Wego, let it be suspensions, tyres, chasis, engine, transmission everything is best in WEGO …..overall I believe that its ‘THE BEST’ scooter in its class at this point in time.

  37. Ground clearance if OK, I am getting mileage of 47-50 KMPL…….I use only xtrapremium petrol and drive it in economy mode most of the time.

  38. i got a Wego for myself after a month long of analysis and comparisions with its other competitors and finally zeroed in on this Beauty. My first impression when i looked at it was not so good but when the sales person showed me a white color bike with all its accessories fitted i was amazed at its beauty it looked elegant and more refined. The big strong Alloy wheels and its all metal body are truly the differentiating factors from other scooters. The unique body balance technology gives us a Effort less driving and comfort which i never felt like in Activa or Access this feature is very useful for the likes of me who works on a computer all day and has problems with body posture.

    coming to its performance the pick up, Handling, breaks and suspension all are super! it gave a mileage of 42 but will surely pick up after the first servicing. the cost is a bit high but the overall performance makes it worth.

  39. booked the wego today only…….. i took test ride ….it is excellent….proud to be indian

  40. Pavan Kumar Giduthuri

    Hi All and jayshree, Plz find time to read this;;
    What kind of repair did ur TVS_Scooty get, and from which place are you so that I can suggest alternatives. TVS is doing its best since the launch of its first Scooty. Ultimate competition to Bajaj Sunny and Bajaj Spice, even the large wheel Bajaj Rave and Hero Honda Winner did not click in market due to poor design of engines.

    Not only TVS Spectra, Even Honda Eterno, popular Kinetic 4S(after Zoom) failed as Indian customers did not recv them well. I took the test drive of first two and the drive was good.

    I took the privilege of “TEST IT LIKE YOU OWN IT” on the new TVS WEGO from Hyderabad KPHB showroom and I am much convinced on WEGO.

    Trust me, I have seen the braking, acceleration, stability and its performance. there may be + or – when you compare it with Activa or Access, but Indian is always Indian. non of these scooters give more than 45KMPL. My purpose of taking this is both for me and my wife.

    I get a constant mileage of 42 to 45KMPL after my two services.

    Certain things which u need to folw when driving gearless scooter always
    1) Do not accelerate when you brake
    2) Do not drive on mud roads or non smooth surfaces always
    3) Maintain a constant speed of 40 to 45
    4) Try to use petrol from same place
    5) Do not suddenly accelerate
    6) Always ensure correct air pressure on both the tires.
    7) At Speed brakers, slow down ur vehicle and accelerate; do not jump
    8) WEGO especially has good ground clearance than Rodeo or Dio or Duro or Kinetic 4S.
    9) Do check the air filter when you feel you vehicle is pulling back while accelerating.
    10) Fill the petrol during early mornings, and fill tank at once, do not fill for 50 Rs and 100 Rs

    Aaahh.. big article. I can write more from my experience but enough is this to say TVS WEGO is good for two persons.

    Thanks All.. Happy Riding. Wear Helmet always

  41. Dharmendra A Gajbhiye

    Hi all,
    I own a Bajaj Chetak, but fed up with frequent kick starts and gear shift, I wanted a self-start gearless for both of us. At Downtown TVS, Anand, I test drove Scooty Streak and liked it too. At the showroom, my wife spotted an all-white Wego and was quite fascinated with it. We casually inspected it and left. At home, we discussed about Wego, read online reviews saw it in neighbourhood and gradually, we leaned towards it. Although quite pricey, I hope it will prove cost-effective in the long run. Now, while writing this comment, I am fully confident that I have taken the right decision and finally, committed to booking Wego tomorrow and hope to gift it to my wife on our 10th Anniversary on 5th Nov. Thanks everybody for helping me reach the correct decision by writing your reviews/comments…

  42. hello friends, i got my new white WEGO on day before Diwali i.e 04.11.10. i want to tell you every1 its amezed scooty by TVS. whoever want to buy i will suggest to get that. its very much beter then Activa, Pleasure, Swift… in every form…. shape looks etc.

  43. thanks to all…i was very confused from last two months,which vehicle should i buy….nw i am little bit confident about my decision……..i wl go with WEGO….this sunday i’l book:)

  44. i recently bought tvs wego and i found it quite good enough for my wife .for one reason that the price is nearly accurate but the scooter in itself a good one in various regard.

  45. hi frnds……….. there is any guarranty on parts that available in any where ??? because i buy before 4years BAJAJ WIND125 parts are not available of WIND125

  46. just booked WEGO.
    its gr8!!!
    but i dont know abt average….
    in next 8 days it wil b in my hand.:-)

  47. hi

    TVS Wego is an excellent Bike (I don’t call it as scooter). I bought this bike from Priyanka TVS, Panvel on 16 Oct 2010. The look is terriffic and excellent. A real value for money (rather than waiting for months together to get Active – the fiber body vehicle). Wego’s body is full metalic and its alloys wells give better look. So guys go only for Wego which is best in class.

    My bike is almost a month now and but only issue is that it gives poor mileage. For a full tank (5 litre) it gives only 70 km. When enquired, they have suggested that after first services, the mileage will be much much better.

    Can anyone throw some light on this?

  48. @Vasudevan
    thats an extremely poor mileage, ask them to tune the carburettor in first service, must be some problem with it.

  49. To Vasudevan

    I had, had this bike since Sept 15 2010 and until now I have had three services, don’t worry about the mileage after the first service. It will gradually increase. I drive the vehicle at 45-50 KMPH and it has given me a decent mileage of 53 (more than what the company claims!!) I assure you that this will increase after services and also if you drive carefully. Read the manual for details and you will learn how to increase mileage.

    Drive safe!!

  50. I want to know if the WEGO works very well when you are riding in heavy rain. Has any body encountered any kind of problem. Also share me what is mileage after running 5000 KM one gets.

  51. I am planning to buy this vehicle, can i know the on road price & within how many days will i get delivery in bangalore

  52. Can i know the on road price & within how many day will i get delivery in bangalore

  53. How many colors for TVS WEGO

  54. Hi,

    I love to purchase TVS WEGO. i thing there non of negative things in this scooter but the on road price of this scooter is very huge.

  55. Dharmendra A Gajbhiye

    Hi, purchased a white Wego on 15th Nov after a wait of 15 days and extra price of Rs 850 for white colour. But, the extra price and the wait is worth, because people compliment me for its stunning looks and enquire about other features. Some Activa-owners are repenting their decision, some waiting-in-line are planning to switch from Activa to Wego, while some of them are just jealous about Wego. Although, there is a minor problem here. For the last 2 days, the horn is not operating properly, may be due to a loose connection. Also, while riding with a pillion, there is a ‘click’ sound at the rear, while negotiating bumpy road. Otherwise, it has been a good experience. Avg 45 kmpl before first service.

  56. I HAVE WEGO..

  57. ITS ON ROAD PRICE IS 52,000 RS.

  58. Hi All,

    Can some one help me. TVS WEGO as per the reviews i think this is a perfect vehicle. But i want to know weather it is giving some troubles like starting trouble during winter????Please respond to my mail id

  59. Is there any troble in Winter???

  60. looking all your reviews ,foud its a excellent bike…am planing to buy very sooon…thanks all

  61. Hi Nirmala,

    No not a problem in winter this is the perfect and suitable for You. Coz, my sister is using this vehicle now………….


  62. @Nirmala,

    I live in Bangalore, so it is generally cold throughout the year!, and well i did have starting problems at times, but i follow this rule where id kick – start the engine 6 times (while it’s off), and then switch they key to ON, and kick start again. This should turn on the engine in most cold condition.

    And if people are asking if there are any problems with the wego, i would just say that the mileage would act funny at times. I generally don’t let people ride pillion because the mileage decreases 😀
    (call me selfish.)

    otherwise it’s just fine.

  63. TVS motors website(www.tvswego.com) is showing one price(Rs 43866) in Baroda and when i enquired the price with dealers they are telling another price (47,020)…. Almost 3000 difference. Can any one tell me the price of the vehicle and on road price

  64. @Srinivas
    The on-road price includes road tax, registration chargers, insurance charges etc. additional to the ex-showroom price of the vehicle.

  65. Dear Rohit and all others

    Thanks for your comment. Yes you were right – after the first service the mileage has tremendously improved. I am getting approx 35 now and slowly it is increasing.

    I am due for second service in January and the concerned person has said that after second service the mileage will improve. Further the Wego is superb and extremely well. Even the sale is increasing I can see lots of Wego on the road nowadys specially in Panvel area.

    However, another problem I am facing is specially in the morning, it has some starting issue. Please advice how to improve this as well.

    Thanks again.


    C Vasudevan

  66. not bad….. its good

  67. Hi, i have purchased a TVS Wego in SEP 2010, Pune.
    Now i’m facing a problem, getting sounds from front wheel while break. Any other also facing the same problem? Please let me know.

  68. Dear Rohit,

    Think you got misunderstood. I was (Srinivas on December 15, 2010 at 6:27 pm) talking about the ex-showroom price only not on-road price. Web site price and the dealers ex-showroom price not the same…. Here in Baroda(Vadodara)dealer is saying Rs 3000+ extra and onroad price he is telling 52000+. Can you tell me the ex-showroom price of Wego in Baroda(Vadodara, Gujarat)?


  69. @Srinivas
    Plz contact the TVS customer care, the prices may be incorrect online or dealer might be overcharging you. Ask for a formal quotation from him and also ask the price from other dealers.

  70. @Kiran
    Show it to service center, don’t take risk on brakes, something might not be tightened properly.

  71. I am in planning to buy one for my wife but i am little concerned about fuel efficiency and performance.

    Can you pl guide me which would be better option Hiro Honda plesure or Wego

  72. Best Wishes and Win Suscess

  73. it is good and it is same to same as activa

  74. He frnd’s thnx for your comments i was fighting for buying aviator or activa but aftr reading your coment’s i decided 2 buy wego whn i wil buy it i wil also share sum intresting news of wego.

  75. Thnk u rohit for ur coment’s

  76. I purchase one wego(TVS)is very good two wheer, ground cleareance is good. Average 40km/ltr. very good…….

  77. what it the ex-shoroom price of TVS WEGo in Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan)

  78. @pardeep raber
    You can check at the TVS official website or with your local dealer.

  79. i am thinking of buying wego. can anyone tell me about its mileage,rate and performance?

  80. U go for WEGo.
    I brought 2 Month back.
    Good BIKE. Just go for iT.
    it give you before 1 serviceing 35 -37KMPL.
    After that above 40KMPL.
    Riding quality is very good.
    allow wheel its mail feature.
    Good balace.If any new rider try to drive no problem. WEGO help u by its technology

  81. hey guys i had a bought a tvs wego a month back and i was able to touch 85kmp/hr…………… is tat the top speed uh!!!! bt i must say one thing it has d best pick up in it’s segment…

  82. what is the problem with its silencer that is jutting out?

  83. hi guys.. im confused n unable to decide bw RODEO N WEGO.. my priorities are
    1) good mileage n minimum maintenance
    2) good speed for doubles n easy handling when on doubles.
    3) n good resale value after an year or 1.5 years.

    i personally liked WEGO for its gud looks(im a guy so its a bit BOXY than RODEO), but in HYDERABAD they are claiming the ON-ROAD price to be Rs.55,663. I think its a bit too much for a non-gear vehicle.. how much does RODEO cost ON-ROAD..?? N plz advice me ASAP.
    and nybody got any idea about wen r TVS planning to launch TVS QUBE in india and wat cud be possible pricing of it..?

    thanks..drive safe

  84. I just booked TVS Wego(White Color) today.
    It will be in my hand in Only next 2 days(Not like Activa,Access).
    On the road price is 51,534 INR ,(Calicut,Kerala).

  85. Hi,

    I am highly interested in TVS WEGO. I am in Bangalore and want to know the on road price of it. Can you guys help me out?

  86. v poor performance…..not expected from TVS……I am facing n number of problems like starting problem even at noon time, choke not opens fully, battery frequently discharged etc etc…

  87. what is the total weight and height from the seat to ground?

  88. i want to buy a scooter activa or tvs wego i m confused wht i choose plsss sugesst me …

  89. I am planning to buy this vehicle, can i know the on road price in madhya paradesh hoshangabad plssss give me some suggestion

  90. rano , go with activa, i have wego , worst in its class,weak front sh up,engine vibration ,low color quality

  91. hi, i own a wego for a month, and am enjoying it. It is good and smooth, no problem whatsoever. as others queried, mileage is good. definitely btw 45-50 per litre of petrol for me in pondicherry. only drawback compare to other tvs scooters, no buzz when the side stand is out when the ignition is on. wonder why tvs people did not do this for this costly scooter. Hope they rectify it in coming batches and fix it for the ones already sold.

  92. wanna know d onroad price of wego i leave in baripada odisha..

  93. I like to buy wego suggest me onroad price in bangalore showroom.

  94. i personally liked WEGO for its gud look, but in bangalore they are claiming the ON-ROAD price to be Rs.55,663. I think its a bit too much for a non-gear vehicle.. how much does cost ON-ROAD..?? N plz advice me ASAP.

  95. DO NOT BUY WEGO because it’s 110cc engine does not has enough power to pull two persons. It need a 125cc or 150cc to meet Indian Road conditions.Suzuki 125cc excels in this way.

  96. hi guys
    can u tell me the vego price plz if u knw plz tell me

  97. khalil ahamad soudagar

    yes its the best scooter of the year 2011.thanks to TVS.its execellent pickup great performnce good miliege.around 50-55 per ltter on long drive, in city areas around 45km.per litter.it is in karnataka on road price is Rs/-56450.nice to book it no need to woeey just book it today.

  98. i very thank to TVS Wego is best bike for man & women
    ple develop its Milage
    near About 50-60 kmpl

  99. P. Namachivayama

    We have purchased the TVS WEGO on 6.5.2011. We feel it is a excellent indian made gearless scotter than ever. I have booked the vehicle through OM Sakthi Agencies, Mugappair West, Chennai by availing TVS finance. However, though 12 days are expired the vehicle has not so far been registered for the reason the payment was not received by the said company. The difficulties being faced in financing may be eradicated. Otherwise the vehicle is good.

  100. Low quality battery on TVS Wego

    I have bought a TVS WEGO Scooter on October 29th, 2010 and serviced frequently within the time limit specified in service booklet. Before second service the battery become low condition and the complaint already entered in the dealers service slip. It was done at 28/01/2011. But the dealer saying that the all TVS WEGO shows the same battery complaints and all will be replaced by the company soon. The battery has 1 year warranty given by the company. But till date they are saying the same words, and also the TVS Area Office at Cochin replied the same. 3 months passed away and the complaint is exciting. They are very irresponsibly replying now. I am very desperate with their scooter because it is new model and kicking like old scooter. I advise everybody who are interesting in the TVS Wego, please not prefer it because their service & responsibility are very poor for their product. They are cheating their customers.

  101. its good and hot

  102. i purchased wego on 19 june 2011 ,i am hoping it will be more good then activa

  103. hey guys and gals, i am getting my new tvs wego today right now.. so m going for my ride.. i really like the look. and thanks for all your valuable comments.. after months of reading review i came to this decision to buy tvs wego…

  104. Hi. i am planning to buy TVS Wego. Can anyone suggest a good dealer in Bangalore in any of these areas- Indiranagar, Old Airport Road, Koramangala, BTM.

  105. i like this but i confused that what its future with the comparison of bike

  106. Hi guys,
    has any one gone on a long drive like Nandi hills or so in karnataka with wego. How was the response. just wanted to know about that coz, when i was posessing an activa, i took it there and it proved to be a powerful bike.

    Looking further for some one’s response.


  107. i got my bike .. here is the comparision..

    It has almost been 1 week I am driving it. I am feeling vast differences between both the bykes. I will mention it point wise, so it will be easy to understand. I am not that much technical in mechanical terms, so as a terms novice I will write my views and experiences.

    1. Shock absorption
    The best thing I would say, TVS has come up with. It is totally different from that of activa. When you drive, you will feel like you are driving a byke like pulsar or apache Rtr. As per my work location, I have to travel almost 25*2 Kms daily. When I used to drive activa, I would feel pain in my whole body, but now its totally different. I don’t feel pain and it’s very smooth ride.

    2. Pickup
    Pick up is almost same as activa. The only thing I noticed while reading or interrogating on internet was activa picks up 60kmph in 6 secs where as, wego does the same in 4 secs. Well, it looks fulfilling this promise when you are driving alone. Since, I am in a short drive mode of the byke, I don’t put it more than 50. Once I went till 60, that too for a few seconds. 😀

    3. Looks
    Depends on person’s perspective, but, I liked the look of wego very much where as I felt activa was having a bulky look at the back. It looks more like a byke.

    4. Handling
    Since, the wego is having less weight than activa, handling is much better on roads but, I feel, it goes opposite when you have a pillion rider behind you. It’s better in activa. Actually, I feel it will depend on the total weight you are applying on the vehicle and how is it distributed. Me (driving) (70Kgs) and my friend with his laptop bag (75(don’t mind dude ;)) +10) needs more effort when you stop suddenly in traffic. while single riding, during the sharp turns or some pot hole turns, its very effective, I still remember, I was not able to escape the pot holes when I was riding activa, but its totally different in the case of wego. A small brake and you are done!!

    5. Foot rest
    Ladies foot rest is at right place. The other two foot rests are also at right place, but it touches my feet in the slow traffic when i have to put my legs down, in case i have a pillion rider. May be his shoes are longer 😉 because, it doesn’t happens when my wife is the pillion rider :D. I Feel, was the same situation in activa. not very sure, doesn’t matters for me..!!

    6. Space
    In name of space, activa had little bit more space in its middle dickey. It did not had the extra dickey below the handle, as it used to come as extra accessory. So, this extra dickey is quite useful for keeping some documents or some half litre bottles etc. I had read, the full face helmet doesn’t comes in wego dickey so, i bought a smaller one. in the showroom, i had tried to fit a half face helmet and it was fitting well there, so i guess, it doesn’t makes any difference.

    7. Brakes
    Brakes are quite responsive and impressive in wego. Activa used to skid during sudden brakes in a speed of 50 to 60. but your wego will give you a nice clutch on the road. brake any time and due to the nice shock absorbers, your front will pulp down giving you a relaxed sensation. 🙂 don’t mind my words.. !! 😀

    8. Head lamps
    Head lamps are similar to activa. Quite good but. There is an extra lamp given in the front. Couldnot understand what is that for. They say its centre light. Have to read manual to understand this. Will update you people soon. I got buzzer as inbuilt accessory, while it was extra accessory in activa.

    9. Horn
    Little bit less powerful than activa but its good for the city. doesn’t matters.

    10. Power
    Power of the byke has not been tested yet because, I have not taken it to long tours like nandi hills or some hilly areas where I can really test its power and survival. I remember, I took my activa to nandi hills and it had shown a good response. Since, the specification says, wego is having almost same power to activa, I have to really test it after my first servicing. Will update you soon on this also.

  108. hey guys,TVS WEGo is a waste product once again from TVS,it has many problems like self start n plug problems,i promise dis is a very bad product,am suffering with dis wego from the very next day of purchase. very important thing is SERVICE,tvs people will provide a such kind of service that encourages you to go to private service point next time,it is very bad at service,they suggested me to re sale the WEGO n buy other.

  109. The quality of TVS Wego is not good. Showed problems first day itself. Gasket issue and leakage in silencer. it’s really a shame and i’m totally disappointed

  110. Hi friends i am also going to buy tvs wego but i am confused in honda activa and tvs wego.

  111. I want to buy TVS wego but after reading all reviews here and from other sites I come to know that there is few issues that is sure

    1) Self-Start Battery issues
    2) Suspension
    3) Average

    When I go to one of show-room and asked them why should I buy wego instead of activa even above issues with wego than they told me that it was issues there were many complaints but

    1) For battery they changed battery supplier from TATA-GREEN To amko
    2) For Suspension they have re-worked
    3) For Average they told its giving 40-45 in city and above that on long drive

    I would like to know from the existing wego customer who drive at least 6 month or above if they can write here their experiences

    Thank you

  112. Hi
    Can anybody suggest is wego comfortable for riding for 2 heavy persons of around 80 Kgs each

    Will the bike be ok with two heavy persons continuously ride with 2 heavey persons on it

    thanks for the suggestions

  113. I want TVS wego in Wardha dist in Maharshtra State in white colour and what the price on road in this area with all necessary aceesories.

  114. does any one have the complete dimensions for Wego


  116. Wat is the price tvs wego in bangalore

  117. My wigo is wobbling badly at ~10000 km reaching. even after servicing it from the authorized service center 3 times , they could not fix it. They can only fix it for 2 days or max 1 week. So please consider good stable scooter before you go for wego. Leave the body balance ,, it doesnt have a minimum wobble free balance. BEWARE…

  118. What could be reinsurance amount recoverable of wego scooter bought in November 2011 in case of theft.

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