Aston Martin Will Sell Luxury Cars In India

Who doesn’t knows James Bond and so does his Iconic car brand? Yes we are talking Aston Martin, the British luxury sports car maker who is planning and looking positively towards the Indian market. According to the statement given by one of the spokesperson from Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd it seems as the plans of the company to enter Indian are becoming  more firm. The spokesperson who was unwilling to be named said “We are actively looking at the Indian market,”  over the telephone from Aston Martin’s headquarters in Warwickshire, England.

Currently the company is busy in the evaluations to be made about which models to be launched in the  Indian Market which suits the Indian buyers. Presently the company is running conversations with potential dealers to select the best one out.


If seen from the company point of view India is becoming a hub for luxury cars and with other global brands like Renault, Jaguar, land rover etc coming to India and setting their plants and shops, no question is  left for Aston Martin not coming to India. The reason for every global major car maker suddenly deviating towards India is supposed to be the Global meltdown which severely affected the traditional market in Middle- East, Europe and U.S. Only hope for the Major car makers during the 2009 meltdown was sales of the luxury cars, with which India has proved to be a potential market. With BMW’s sales going up by 28% after selling 2627 units and Audi’s by 6% after rolling out 977 units , no one can think of India not being a successful area for every car maker.

Aston Martin is also statistically planning to exploit the sense of loyalty towards the luxury cars, among the potential Indian buyers which still seems to be Underdeveloped.

Aston Martin was earlier, a part of Ford Motor Co. Ltd and worked together till 2007 after which it was sold to a company co-owned by businessmen David Richards and John Sinders and Investment Dar and Adeem Investment of Kuwait for nearly $850 million. The company is heading towards the developing economies, under the new management and is adding dealers in Russia, China and West- Asia