Audi Q3 SUV Official Images and Interior Sketches Before Official Launch


Audi has revealed the official images and sketches of the Audi Q3 SUV which is the upcoming SUV from Audi to compete with the low cost BMW X1 SUV from BMW. The idea behind Q3 is affordable luxury SUV which can make its place in the rapidly growing demand for value luxury SUVs in developing economies of Asia Pacific and other countries including India.

The Q3 has a compact but futuristic design which is inspired by the Volkswagen Tiguan SUV to a big extent if you look closely at the headlamps, tail lamps and the top of the SUV. The form factor of the Q3 will be compact on the outside but roomy on the inside while maintaining the sporty as well as luxury elements.

Audi-Q3-SUV-Official-Images (4)

The large wheels, grille and aerodynamic styling gives the visual appeal of a powerful compact. The sharp tail line gives it a sleek and modern look. The interiors are designed to please the sport and classy motoring enthusiasts. Lots of leg space, elbow space and good seating position has been reflected for better driving comfort on long rides.

Audi-Q3-SUV-Official-Images (1)

Here are some interior sketches to give you a feel of how the car will look from the inside. We are looking forward to some more images of the real production version to arrive soon.

Audi-Q3-SUV-Official-Images (2)

Audi-Q3-SUV-Official-Images (3)

Audi-Q3-SUV-Official-Images (5)

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