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Leaked Pictures Of 2011 Pulsar 220 New Model – Are These Real?

Updated on 30th January 2012 –

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We have been hearing for quite some time that Bajaj is working on a range of next generation Pulsars but so far the company has shown least interest in revealing anything related to the new Pulsars. In fact it is soon going to launch the KTM Duke 200 but has not made any announcement concerned with the launch of 2012 Pulsar.

Maybe they are planning something big and want to keep it top secret or they are not willing to launch the Pulsars soon. We know nothing about the same but a set of images from one of Malyali websites has surfaced the internet which feature some close-up shots of a Pulsar 220 in a new avatar.

There is not authentication of these pictures and we don’t confirm them to be the next 220 but at least they are interesting to look at.

2012 Bajaj Pulsar 220

The pictures above show a nice Pulsar 220 whose body work is quite refreshing. A lot of technical improvements are also there. Here we have a different front visor with an altogether differently styled three tone fairing covering a fair portion in the front.

On the rear we see a rear seat cowl along with a mono shock absorber towards the bottom. To me this bike seems to be a beautifully modified Bajaj Pulsar 220 and the things which come to my notice and hint that this is not a real factory produced are many.

Importantly being a 2012 model a new set of body graphics and emblems are expected whereas this machine sports the existing ones. The fasteners on the frame are visible too and the overall fit does not seem to be factory fitted. The Visor on the front also does not have an impressive fit. More details are hard to be figured out as the images are of low resolution.

Now if this is the new Pulsar 220 then Bajaj needs to make a lot more efforts. Let us hope that the new Pulsars come with a new styling and once more we have wait for another couple of months.

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