Nissan-Renault Bajaj Ultra Low Cost Project Not Seized Yet


NissanRenault and Bajaj went into a joint venture to build an ultra low cost (ULC) vehicle for the Indian market but after months of discussions, the two foreign automakers were not happy with the Indian two wheeler manufacturer.

The discontent continued for months and the project was said to come to an end soon but at the launch of the Nissan Sunny sedan, one of the officials spoke to the media and at last threw some light on the news.

After the launch of the Nissan Sunny sedan, Vice-President Corporate (India, Africa & Middle East) of Nissan Motor Company Mr. Giles Normand said, “We have been holding discussions, the next round of the announcement will be a joint announcement.”


Inquiring on the time line for the project, Mr. Giles Normand said, “We will let you know at the right time.”

Interestingly just after this Nissan Motor India Managing Director Kiminobu Tokuyama said that the company is planning to launch a new small car for the Indian market, the second fastest growing market.

He said, “We, at Nissan, are committed to offer a good and wonderful product to any segment. Currently we are studying the project of launching a small car but it is too early to predict and comment about the exact timeline of launching the car.”

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