Bajaj Ultra Low Cost Small Car To Be Unveiled On 3rd January 2012 In India


The coming 3rd of January, 2012 will be an important day for the automotive industry as a couple of important events are scheduled for the same day. As reported earlier, Fiat has already informed it will launch Linea and Grande Punto Upgrades on 3rd January, KTM Duke 200 will be launched on the same day and now Bajaj is said to unveil its much anticipated ULC(ultra low cost) small car on this very special day.

So for Bajaj it will be an important day in terms of launches as firstly it will introduce KTM to our market and secondly will bring the much talked about ULC small car in front of masses which was once said to have reached the verge of getting closed.

image – Bajaj ULC

The project is being worked upon in collaboration with Nissan and Renault but during the hard times in the past, it was speculated that Renault could opt out of this project. At this stage there is no confirmation on whether Renault Nissan will sell the same car with their badges or not but Bajaj has put enough hard work that now it could go ahead alone.

Several news were their on the pricing of the car with plenty of estimations but the bottom-line remains that the ULC will be priced close to Rs. 1.5 Lakh and Tata Nano will still retain the tag of World’s Cheapest Car.

The only information that we have and which is impressive is that the ULC will deliver a mileage of up to 30 kmpl. Now if that happens then the Nano will face a really tough competition inspite of it being a few thousand dearer. Bajaj will unveil the car at Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi on 3rd January so stay tuned for more updates on the same.

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