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Today we witnessed the launch of much awaited Chevrolet Beat Diesel small car in India at New Delhi. The Beat Diesel starts at an attractive price of Rs. 4.29 Lakhs Ex-showroom Delhi. For complete pricing details and details, check out-

Chevrolet Beat Diesel Official Price List, Specifications and Details

With Chevrolet Beat Diesel, General Motors India has introduced some small but significant technological improvement in Chevrolet Beat Diesel which make it a comfortable and peppy small diesel car. These technologies are together referred to as IntelliDrive Technologies. In this article we will share these small technologies with you and will also explain what they mean in simple English.

The Intellidrive Technologies of Chevrolet Beat include –

  • Pro-Vario Assist Featherlite EPS
  • Intelligent Launch Support System
  • Advance Insta-Torque Boost
  • Smart Engine and Clutch Protection Mode
  • Gas Charged Rebound Tuned Suspension



Pro-Vario Assist Featherlite EPS

Pro-Vario Assist Electrical Power Steering is the  technology which is designed to change the steering effort required to turn the wheel based on the speed. At lower speed or when the car is not moving, the steering effort is low and steering moves with little effort to help move easily in traffic congestion, park the car etc. While on high speeds, the effort required it high and gives better steering feedback and confidence while driving at higher speeds.

Intelligent Launch Support System (ILSS)

ILSS ensures effortless launch, specially on gradients in conjunction with  Advanced Insta-Torque Boost (AIB) & Electronic Throttle. Electronic Clutch Switch detects clutch pedal has been pressed therefore optimum torque is delivered at the launch and it helps to avoid stalling of engine when you start the car from zero speed.

Advanced Insta-Torque Boost (AIB)

Smart Turbo charger with vacuum activated wastegate cuts in smoothly for instant torque build-up. Highest Torque per Litre in Mini Segment. Helps during overtaking maneuvers by sensing torque demand & providing instant torque through immediate engine RPM increase.

Smart Engine & Clutch Protection Mode (SECP)

Engine Protection Mode  manages engine torque & power output based on inputs from coolant temperature sensor and engine oil pressure sensor. Smart electronically controlled logic ensures launch RPMs are maintained in the safe zone. Clutch Assembly protection during car launch on grades – specially designed for Indian Driving Conditions & New Drivers. Aids Fuel Efficiency and minimizes clutch wear for lower running & maintenance costs.

Gas Charged Rebound Tuned Suspension (GRTS)

GRT suspension tuned to maximize ride comfort and dynamic vehicle handling. Specially tuned suspension for Indian driving conditions & customer preferences. Wider tires aid better road grip and enhance high speed cornering as well as braking efficiency and ensure a safe and comfortable drive.

Apart from the above mentioned features, Beat Diesel comes with 3 Year / 1,00,000km Engine and Vehicle Warranty – Highest in Mini Diesel Segment. As per the service guidelines, Engine Oil change is recommended at 15,000km or 1.5 year (whichever is earlier) intervals for lower maintenance costs. 65% High Strength Steel Body Cage for enhanced occupant safety. 60% galvanized steel for extra corrosion protection in harsh Indian Climatic Conditions. Advanced Low Rolling Resistance Silica Tyres are used for better fuel efficiency.

Chevrolet Beat Diesel India Features Video

Apart from it, there are many small changes done to the engine to make it smooth and trouble free, like:

  • Electrically Controlled Throttle Body which reduces CO emissions
  • Light Weight Plastic Intake Manifold for optimized air flow characteristics for improved low end Torque and reduced engine weight
  • Advanced Common Rail Fuel Injection System (CRDI) for better fuel efficiency and lower emissions
  • Life time Maintenance Timing chain for smooth experience
  • Hydraulic Lash Adjusters for improved NVH performance and maintenance free operation
  • Advanced light weight piston with lower friction for better fuel economy
  • Special arrangement for vibration reduction by using torsional vibration damper, Balancer Gears, Balancer Shaft and split design Cam to Cam gears.
  • Electronic EGR Cooler and Valve for lower NOx emissions
  • Diesel oxidation catalyst for lower diesel emissions

These points make Beat Diesel a better car in terms of features and performance.

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Chevrolet Beat Diesel Official Price List, Specifications and Details

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