BMW Launches The All New Gran Coupe Concept – Features and Specifications


Awesome is the word that will come out from your mouth once you see the latest addition to the BMW line-up and this machine is one mean vehicle that could will conquer the top place in your wish list and carries the potential to blow away all the other cars.

Today we will introduce you to the latest product from BMW called the BMW Gran Coupe Concept which inherits the BMW’s futuristic genes showcased by the beautifully designed chassis along with impressive coupe features.

BMW Gran Coupe Concept

The car as mentioned above gives you a coupe feel and brings with it, almost every feature coming with one,like:-

  • Long wheelbase
  • Vaulted Bonnet with forward-pointing lines
  • Set-back greenhouse
  • Flat Silhouette
  • Coupe-style Roof line
  • Short front Overhang

BMW Gran Coupe Concept

Specifications Of BMW Gran Coupe Concept

With no official technical details available for the car, only the design part is what we could comment on.The car is a blend of the exclusiveness of the BMW Gran Turismo and and attractiveness of a high performance car and making it more special is the space offered, accommodating four passengers instead of the two in conventional coupes.

  • The car looks very sporty with highest levels of dynamic performance and what makes it more aggressive are the body lines stretching till the rear of the vehicle.
  • Dimension wise the car is nearly 5 meters in length and if considered the height it falls just under 1.40 meters, invariably reinforcing the coupe design characteristics along with making it 100 mm flatter than the BMW 5-Series or the BMW 7-Series.
  • From the front the traditional BMW kidney Grille looks a bit flat pointing at the detailing that the designers have brought and complementing it are the big air inlets running towards the sides and the LED headlamps.
  • The rear incorporates a much slimmer look with the L-shaped tail lamps and tailpipes making it look elegant and the third brake light which is positioned in the rear window, features LED technology and illuminates the entire width of the window.
  • The next sporty feature we are going to talk about is the rim concept which really takes this machine once step further.The spokes have been given a three dimensional appearance since each spoke individually falls into the centre of the rim.

As you have read about this car, all we want to say is that this machine is mean,dynamic and highly potent and we wish to see it on the Indian turf soon.