BMW Will Open Pre-Owned Car Business in India From Sep 2011


BMW is one of the largest luxury car maker in India competing fiercely with the Mercedes Benz. With an aim to reach more and more buyers across a larger segment, BMW will be opening its Pre-Owned or second-hand BMW cars business in India from September 2011. In an interaction with media, Andreas Schaaf, BMW India President quoted:

There is a huge potential in pre-owned car market in India and its a very lucrative business for us. Therefore, BMW India is planning to set up its pre-owned car selling business in September this year (2011). We are in the last phase of the planning process to set up this business for India and only one module is left for the completion. The final draft will be ready after the summer break. We are manufacturing and assembling BMW cars from 2007 and feel that we have enough opportunities to focus on this pre-owned car market.


This will give BMW more customers as more and more people will be able to buy a BMW within a more affordable price directly from official BMW channels. This will also facilitate the existing BMW owners to get better resale value for their existing BMW and will help them to upgrade to bigger and better cars by selling their old BMW via official channel. To improve its brand value and provide better service to its customers, BMW recently launched its Secured Advanced Service to all new BMW buyers in India at no extra cost for 2 years.

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