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Is It Right Time To Buy A BS4 Vehicle? Or One Should Wait For BS6?

The new emission norms will be effective from April 1, 2020, and lot of car manufacturers are offering a hefty discount. What’s the right choice? We help you out!

It is not new that the country will be shifting towards BS6 emissions norms from April 2020 and that said several carmakers has already launched the upgraded vehicles. India’s biggest car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki, already has seven cars which come with BS6 engines.

It is true that BS6 engines are refined and the driveability of the vehicle improves. But the main question which prevails currently and that is whether one should buy the BS4 vehicle right away or wait for the BS6 engine?

Well, we will stick with BS4 engines. With the auto industry falling and several car manufacturers offering huge discounts on their cars, it is a wise investment to take the benefits.

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Also, once the BS6 fuel enters the market, people who have brought the BS4 vehicle will still be able to run on the new fuel. There won’t be any problem on the engine or on the performance of the car. That can be safely said about the petrol models. However, the diesel vehicles will suffer a little on the BS6 fuel.

One of the other reasons that why you should get the BS4 vehicle right away is because of the lower price. Once the BS6 vehicles comes into place the prices will increase automatically. And petrol cars might suffer an increase in price of Rs 25000 to Rs 50000, it is the diesel cars which will suffer the most. Even the smaller engine will see an increase of Rs 1 lakh and SUVs like Toyota Fortuner will see an increase by Rs 6 lakh.

It will be mandatory to buy BS6 vehicles post-April 1, 2020, and the country will also see new fuel. However, there’s a catch that with the cleaner fuel will come at a cost. With the new technology it not only rises the ownership cost but fuel cost will be higher too and fuel companies might increase the price of Rs 1. The new fuel decreases the mileage too.

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Your chance to own a diesel car is right now. Not only the prices of the diesel engines will be increased but also several manufacturers have put a hold on selling diesel cars with new emission norms. Maruti is the first followed by Tata and Mahindra. However, Mahindra is solely dependent on diesel car sales so this decision is only for small cars like KUV100. And the same goes for Tata too.

One of the other reasons to go for BS4 vehicles is to save yourself from high registration cost. Since the government is pushing more towards electric vehicles there’s an indication about high registration cost too. This will affect the on-road price of your upcoming car if this rule takes into place.