General Motors India (Chevrolet India) showcased its all electric plug-in Electric variant of the Chevrolet Beat in New Delhi, India on 23 June 2011. The Chevrolet Beat Electric or the Chevrolet Beat  Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) as Chevrolet calls it is not a hybrid but a pure electric car just like Nissan Leaf. This is not a launch of the car, its just a showcase of technology from GM India to demonstrate the effectiveness of the battery technology for its future cars in India. This is an effort in continuation of the world environment day celebrations from GM.

Chevrolet Beat Electric India Specifications and Details

Chevrolet Beta Electric Vehicle in India is powered by a 300 cell lithium ion battery with a total energy capacity of 20KWh. The weight of the battery is 270Kg and this battery can provide a range of 130 Km on a full charge under normal conditions which is a really good range. The battery is liquid cooled and can operate in extreme temperatures ranging from –20 Degrees to 45 Degrees Celsius.

The Battery of Beat Electric can be fully charged from a home power outlet in less than 8 hours. The powertrain contains a single speed electric motor of 45 KW or 60.3 BHP which is an impressive number for a light weight car.

GM has developed electric technology though its in-house research and has successfully executed project like the Chevrolet Volt which is a popular electric sedan in the USA. The research facilities of GM have developed Battery technologies, power trains, automotive grade electric motors, power electronics etc.. GM has one of the most advanced battery laboratories in the world at the Technical Center in Warren Michigan, USA and another lab will be coming up soon in China to support the ongoing research in the field of automobile battery technologies.

Chevrolet Beat Battery Electric Vehicles India Exclusive Pictures

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