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Chevrolet Beat Diesel India ARAI Mileage, Engine, Ride and Handling Details

Chevrolet Beat diesel has ben spotted over and over again on the roads of India doing rounds of testing before its launch in July 2011. The covers over the beat have been officially taken off with NDTV India have already tested the new Chevrolet Beat Diesel at the General Motors Talegaon Plant in Maharashtra. The new Beat Diesel seems quite promising as per the NDTV’s review. The new beat diesel engine details were already out sometime back when Chevrolet India announced the new 1 Litre Diesel Engine in an official press release. This 1 Litre engine is basically a cut down 3 Cylinder version of the 1.3 Litre 4 cylinder multi-jet engine by Fiat. The Beat Diesel engine produces a max of 150 Nm of Torque at 1750 RPM which is massive for a small sized city car. The power may not seem too high at slightly below 60 BHP, but the high torque gives the desired punch the driver wants from a small car.



Since this is smallest Diesel engine in Indian cars, it is very frugal too with a fuel efficiency rating of 24 KMPL as certified by ARAI. With a small sized turbocharger which gives the required punch to the car and intelligent mapping of the small multi-jet CRDI Diesel engine, the accelerator response is very quick.

The suspension of the car is on slightly softer side considering the bad road conditions of Indian roads at large. The handling is not very sharp as the suspension has been giver more priority. The Diesel Beat features an Electric Power Steering system which will eventually be rolled out in the Petrol versions also. The car is punchy and is fun to drive, also the inside gadgetry of the car has not been compromised on the Diesel variant. The stereo system however is slightly modified but the standard equipment in Diesel and Petrol trims are almost same. The prices have not been revealed as of now, but the wait is not too long as the launch is expected in July 2011. You can see detailed review by NDTV here.

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Updated on 25 July 2011

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