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Chevrolet Beat LPG Specifications Features Details and Price In India

The Chevrolet Beat LPG variant has been quite awaited by the Chevrolet Beat lovers who have been holding their purchase of Beat in the wait of LPG variant. The LPG variant which was under development for quite some time now has been finally launched. The Chevrolet Beat LPG variant comes with a sequential firing electronically controlled LPG kit for high performance and no power loss.

Chevrolet Beat LPG Specification and Features In India

Chevrolet Beat LPG is powered by the advanced 1.2 MPFI Litre SMARTECH Engine announced by Chevrolet recently. This is a new and advanced engine developed in India at GM Technical Centre-India in Bangalore features aluminum cylinder heads, deep skirt cylinder block and lightweight pistons with low tension rings, which decreases weight and maximizes fuel economy. It also has Dual Overhead Cam Shaft design which direct valve actuation technology for improved performance and lower noise levels.

The Chevrolet Beat LPG is also low on weight compared to Venturi type kit arrangements, with no power loss, the advanced sequential firing engine also eliminates backfired and facilitates a smooth transition from petrol to LPG and vice-e-versa. The LPG system incorporates a good routing control with no kinking problem. The LPG pipes of Chevrolet beat LPG are made up of high strength Nylon which is first of its kind in any LPG vehicle in India. These pipes are safe as well as corrosion free.

The LPG kit has been accommodated smartly inside the engine compartment and consumes very less space. This helps to provide more space for the passengers inside the car cabin. The cabin space has not been changed hence the passengers get enough room just like a petrol variant of Beat Petrol. The fuel economy goes higher for Beat LPG as the Auto LPG is cheaper fuel to run the car compared to Petrol, so the effective cost of running comes down considerably.

Mileage of Chevrolet Beat LPG in LPG mode is 13.29 KM/Liter of LPG ARAI tested. This is best in class mileage for an LPG vehicle. The max power of Beat LPG is 80.4 PS@6400RPM and max torque is 104Nm@4400RPM. The LPG kit comes with Advanced Multipoint Sequential LPG Injection Technology.

Chevrolet Beat LPG Kit safety features :

  • It comes equipped with factory fitted LPG kit under the supervision of GMI Safety & production standards.
  • Its Accessories are tested & approved by ARAI & DOE (Dept. of explosive).
  • Beat LPG is the first ever car in its segment to have successfully passed rear crash test as per European Safety Norms.
  • Beat has successfully cleared stringent AIS026 safety installation norms specified by Indian Government.

Chevrolet Beat LPG Price In India