Chevrolet Cruze Coupe – Specifications And Features


General Motors / Chevrolet North America President Mark Reuss recently in a live web chat showed interest in throwing some light on the future plans of the Company and what the customers will be offered in the near future by the brand.

After the global success and appreciation gained by the GM’s Chevrolet Cruze, the brand is supposed to be developing a 2-door model of the car. Although no details have been revealed by Mark Reuss but according to him presenting a 2-door model of the Cruze will be a good idea from the sales point of view. In addition to this Reuss also said that currently the market contains 2-door Chevrolet Cobalts and offering a 2-door Cruze will be a treat to the customers.


The demands of the market is what the company is currently focusing on so that it could change the current small-car portfolio and take it one step further with the qualities that the company promises to offer with the upcoming vehicle line-up.

In February 2009 Reuss also made an announcement regarding the third shift at the Lordstown facility which currently is busy producing Cruze and with the recent announcement he clarified the global strategy and the role that the new model will play in the process.

Specifications And Features Of Chevrolet Cruze Coupe

The new Cruze coupe will come under the small car segment with a less powerful Turbocharged Ecotec engine having impressive fuel efficiency and better driving experience resembling the Hybrid Performance but at a lower cost. Apart from the less power variant a high-efficiency variant of the Cruze is supposed to deliver best-in-class fuel economy of up to 40 miles-per-gallon on highway.

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  1. I wanted a 2 dr coupe. They gave us a hatchback. I have stopped looking at this car. For me, a car’s looks are as important as performance and safety and the looks just don’t cut it.

  2. I’ve been buying cars since 1968 and have never owned anything but a 2 door vehicle. I don’t like the look of 4 door cars. Since downsizing 10 years ago from Firebirds and Camaros to smaller coupes, I’ve had 2 Pontiac Sunfires & presently drive a 2008 Pontiac G5. I’ve been very pleased with all 3 of these small coupes. Thinking of buying again in 2012 & wanting to stay with GM, I checked out the Cruze, but was really disappointed to find there is no coupe! Where do I go now?

  3. When is the Chevy cruze coupe expected to come out? What will be the starting price? Because I am looking into purchasing a 4 door one but the 2 door one looks awesome! So I’m trying to figure out if I should wait or not.


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