Hyundai May Sue Aamir Khan Productions For Derogatory Use Of Santro in Movie Delhi Belly


Delhi Belly is the latest movie at the box office and has been much in news for the slang used in it. Lately another trouble that seems to have surrounded Aamir Khan’s produced movie is where Hyundai Motors India Limited (HMIL) has realized that in a particular scene, a Hyundai Santro look alike in red colour is used in a derogatory manner.

In the movie the car is used to drag one of the movie’s actor who has a rope tied around his neck. An offensive dialogue has also been used in the movie which according to the manufacturer will affect the image of its product, Hyundai Santro.


As per tabloids and sources HMIL is planning to sue the movie’s producer Aamir Khan for using such offensive words for the Santro look alike and the following is what the company’s spokesperson had to say, “Our legal team is looking into the matter and watching the film clips. Accordingly, we will decide our future course of action” while UTV Motion Picture says, “We haven’t got any intimation or letter from any motor company.

According to us either the company will leave the matter or will drag the production house to the court for a case making one of the two parties lose an appreciable amount of money. What so ever the end result may be, we will bring you the latest updates on this issue.

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