DTC Delhi May Use Volvo Air-conditioned Buses Running On CNG For Public Transport

Delhi roads are getting more and more crowded everyday making driving on Delhi roads a pain. Adding to that is the immense heat and unruly driving style on Delhi roads. With Delhi Metro rail project, the situation has majorly improved, but still Delhi traffic is far from comfortable. Public transport may get some relief for common people. Delhi Metro does cover a large part of Delhi but still there are many areas of Delhi which don’t have Metro service right now and rely on private transport, cabs, and DTC buses. DTC or Delhi Transport Corporation runs its buses on many routes of Delhi providing an effective transport solution to many Delhi commuters at affordable prices.



Currently DTC uses low floor buses from Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland which ply on most of the routes. While the majority of these buses are non-air conditioned, some of the buses on selected routes are Air-conditioned too. Adding to this huge fleet of buses, Volvo has presented one of its air-conditioned buses to DTC for trial. Each of this Volvo buses costs Rs. 90 Lakhs and is manufactured in Bangalore facility of Volvo India. These buses are low-floored and are disabled friendly as the low floor can be further tilted to allow wheelchairs to move into the bus.

If the trial goes well, DTC may go in for more such Buses for Delhi which will be a good news for Delhi commuters as Volvo buses are known for their comfort and safety features.

via – GoaOnWheels

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