Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark Specifications, Features And On Road Price


I have a passion for bikes and when it comes to cruiser bikes, it makes me want it even more badly. Few months back in Auto Expo 2010 I visited Royal Enfield stall and somehow the powerful and classic feel of chrome almost always works as a magnet for me. Today while moving some of my stuff from drawers I came across a small brochure of Thunderbird Twinspark which I somehow misplaced in some documents. In this post I will share Specifications, Features, Price and my views about the bike.

Royal Enfiled Thunderbird Twin-spark

Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark Specifications

The vital specifications of the Thunderbird Twinspark are as follow:

  • Single Cylinder 4 stroke Engine
  • Capacity – 346 CC, Dual Spark Plug Engine
  • Air Cooled, Digital Ignition – TCI
  • Max Power – 19.8 BHP @5250 RPM
  • Max Torque – 28 Nm @ 4000 RPM
  • 5 Speed Manual Transmission
  • BS29 / UCAL Carburetor
  • Length = 2120mm; Width = 780 mm; Height = 1080mm; Ground Clearance = 135 mm;
  • Tyre Size = 19 inches
  • Front Wheel Hydraulic Disk Brake – 280mm diameter
  • Rear Wheel Drum brakes – 150 mm diameter
  • Top Speed – 120 KMPH
  • Front Telescopic Suspension with hydraulic dampers
  • Rear Swing Arm suspension with gas-filled shock absorbers
  • Unique TPS – Throttle Position Sensor for better pickup at all speeds

Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark Features

Some of the distinctive features which make Thunderbird so desirable are:

  • Symmetrical Twin Spark Plugs – Twin spark ensures more power, more torque, smooth engine combustion and better mileage
  • TCI (Transistorized Coil Ignition) Ignition System – Varies ignition timing at different speeds, longer spark duration and intensity for better pick-up and mileage, smoother ride and less vibrations and easy cold starts.
  • TPS – Throttle Position Sensor – Ignition timing varies for different throttle position, it gives a better throttle response and better pick-up.
  • Bigger Carburettor BS-29 – Better mixing in larger carburettor and more consistent flow, easy starting, better mileage and more power.
  • Integrated Engine And Gearbox – It causes lesser friction and losses, less lubrication needed.
  • New Piston and Piston Rings – It helps in improved operation and less vibrations.
  • Hydraulic Tappets – Hydraulic tappets of Thunderbird enable self-adjustment of push-rod clearance and ensure consistent valve timings.
  • Automatic Primary Chain Tensioner – No need to get it manually adjusted the chain, which in turn provides better and silent operation and smooth ride. It also cuts down on the vibrations and ensures long chain life.
  • Improved 6 Plate Clutch – This ensures more power transmission with low losses, longer clutch life, less effort needed on clutch.
  • Automatic Engine Cut-Off at high RPM – To avoid any damage to engine because of too high RPM operation, the engine will not rev beyond safe RPM limits, this increases engine life.
  • Trichoidal High Flow Oil Pump – It helps in better lubrication, reduced friction, improved engine life and low maintenance.
  • Powerful 18-Pole Magneto – It produces 220 with spare electrical energy for electrical accessories, easier self-starts and better battery charging.
  • Slimline Modular Wiring – It helps to carry more current and improves the reliability of the electrical components and looks better.
  • Largest Brakes in Its Category – Thunderbird has 280mm disk brakes in front and 150mm drum brakes in rear for confident and controlled braking much needed for cruise trips.
  • Auto Decompressor – Unlike previous Enfield bikes, Thunderbird has automatic de-compressor so there is no need to manually de-compress it during engine starting.
  • High-Density Foam Seats – For better comfort over large trips and better body support. Backrest for pillion for a comfortable Ride.
  • Multi Focal Reflector Head Lamps – Wide beam and light intensity for better visibility and better styling.
  • Gas-Filled Rear Shock-absorbers – For effective damping and improved comfort even on bumpy roads.
  • Heat Shielded Silencer – Protection of legs and clothes from heated Silencer
  • Electronic Flasher – Immediate Warning in case of flasher set malfunction

All these features are certainly impressive and make me want one. I would certainly save some money to buy one for myself in future. I would love to take it on a long road-trip to some mountains. If you want to buy it now, you might be interested in knowing how much Thunderbird costs you on road. The Thunderbird comes in 3 colors- Black, Silver and Red.

Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark On-Road Price

The on road price of thunderbird in Delhi is approximately Rs. 98000, I know it looks pricey but its an exquisite piece of machinery for boys who want something powerful to ride on.