FIAT Multi-Air Engine Wins 4 Prestigious Global Engine Awards


In the race of manufacturing best engines for the auto market, Fiat Auto has registered its name on top for the year 2011. The Italian manufacturer, Fiat Auto has been awarded ‘The Engine of the Year Award’ for there turbocharged 875cc twin-cylinder MultiAir engine. This smallest engine has awarded for four out of twelve categories in its class. The little 875cc turbocharged engine won following awards for its great design and technology in its segment:

  • The Best New Engine of 2011
  • Green Engine Of The Year 2011
  • Sub 1.0 Liter Engine Of The Year 2011
  • International Engine Of The Year 2011

The 0.9 liter Fiat twin-cylinder gasoline engine can achieve 0 to 60 mph speed in just 11 seconds and onto a top speed of 108 mph.

Fiat MultiAir Engine (2)

Features Of The Best Engine – Fiat’s twin-cylinder MultiAir Engine

  • Smallest Gas Engine
  • Very Powerful for its size
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Low Emission

Ferrari won ‘The Best engine above 4.0 liter’ and Best Performance engine’ for the 458′s all new 4.5 litre V8 engine. BMW took away four trophies in the competition while Volkswagen and Audi too earned recognition for their efforts in the research and development of the new powerful, efficient and environmentally friendly engine technology.

The 13th edition of the International Engine of the Year Awards were presented at Engine Expo 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany on 18 May 2011. The event, one of the annual highlights of the automotive industry calendar, saw a total of 12 Awards given to those manufacturers that have been judged to have achieved excellence in powertrain engineering.

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