In Chandigarh This Weekend(5-6 Nov 2011) ? Have An Adventurous Endeavour Drive With Rally Driver Jagat Nanjappa


Few weeks back, I attended the Great Ford Endeavour Drive organized in NCR region at Camp Wild at Aravali Valley in Dhaujj, it was a thrilling an enriching experience to get off roading tips from a very experienced and popular rally driver Jagat Nanjappa. The same drive is being organized at Chandigarh this weekends (on 5th and 6th November 2011), so if you are in or around Chandigarh and want to get some pure thrill and adventure, you must register for the Drive.


Besides the drive, there are some other activities such as Fox Climbing, Rappling, Burma Bridge and Rock Climbing organized by Ford India. Below is the map to reach the venue.


image- Map to the venue of Ford Endeavour Drive on 5 & 6 Nov 2011

You can register for the event here. Get more details of the drive here.

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