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Fashion Show Exclusive Pictures & Videos Of Futuristic Collection Inspired By Fiesta 2011

Ford India organized a Fashion show of the Futuristic Collection Inspired By Ford Fiesta 2011, designed by eminent designer Swapnil Shinde. He presented the ‘Ford Fiesta Futuristic Collection’ at the Fiesta Café in Select Citywalk Mall, New Delhi on May 31, 2011. Exuding ‘Energy in Motion’, the collection is inspired by Ford’s Kinetic Design philosophy which exemplifies the bold and futuristic styling of its premium and global all-new Fiesta sedan.

Trendy and chic in style and form, the line of clothing displayed an international touch that matched the Ford Fiesta’s global DNA. With a clever use of cues inspired by the car’s underlying design theme, Swapnil’s creativity was stimulated by the aspects of the car –flowing lines from the kinetic design, bold colour palette with the vivid shades, and smart cuts from the car’s dynamic yet aesthetic spirit.

Starting the show with a collection that drapes the futuristic, yet elegant and bold look of the Ford Fiesta, Swapnil brought alive the striking features of this iconic machine. His creation showcased innovative designs that electrified the ramp. Inspired by the intuitive and impressively modern styling of the Fiesta, the collection was simply a treat to watch.

Talking about the collection, designer Swapnil Shinde said

“The new Fiesta brings with it a refreshing and energetic touch to design and style. The thought of translating the car’s bold kinetic design theme into my creations was a true inspiration. It is great to have designed a collection that’s a tribute to the stylish and innovative Fiesta which has already gained high interest even before its official launch.”

At the occasion Michael Boneham, president and managing director, Ford India said,

“The thought of being associated with the fast-paced and scintillating fashion industry was exciting for us. Swapnil Shinde’s Fiesta Futuristic Collection aptly brings out the smart substance that we see appealing our target customer Ajay. I am happy to see the Fiesta Café become a hot-spot for all mall visitors and we will continue to engage with our customers here."

Ford Fiesta  2011 Fashion Show Exclusive Pictures

Ford Fiesta 2011 Fashion Show Exclusive Video

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