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Ford Figo 2012 Add New Features Like Keyless Entry And Push-Button Start

Ford launched the Ford Figo during the first quarter of 2010 and since then they have not come up with an upgraded version or as we all say a facelift model. But lately we brought you a news wherein a facelifted model of this small car was seen on the road. Disappointingly even after a gap of 2 years the company does not seem to be offering visual upgrades, though a couple of changes on the technical front are likely to take place.

So in simple language, Ford is expected to introduce two new features in the new Figo which is Push-Button start and Keyless Entry. The company might have disappointed some by opting not to bring any bodily upgrades but it has definitely impressed us by the two new features to be added. These features will be introduced in order to help the car keep abreast with likes of Hyundai i20 and Nissan Micra.

Ford Figo Start Stop button

image – Ford Figo Engine Start Stop Button

The Start-Stop button may be a great add-on but it works a little unconventionally. How? Well if you press the button once the music system will come to life, pressing it once again will switch on the electrical and the third and final press,along with brake pedal, will ignite the engine.


image – A small help panel to enter the secret code in case you lose the remote

The Keyless Entry is conventional fortunately with a request sensor in the door handle allowing to enter the car without using the key, provided you are in the specified range with the key in your pocket. However, in the worst of the cases where you happen to lose the remote, you will have to break one of the glasses, get in and enter the secret code on a small panel located on the dashboard to start the car.

Those of you who think the feature would come as standard that too with no extra cost, are wrong. Very likely it would be offered as an accessory for an extra amount of Rs. 30,000. What do you have to say about these latest incorporations? Do share your opinion with us.

Source – AutomotiveIndia