Formula 1 India Grand Prix Re-Scheduled To Original Date- Bahrain GP Cancelled


As per the last information, Indian Grand Prix 2011, the first ever GP in India was postponed to accommodate the Bahrain GP as it could not take place as original schedules. But the turn of events have again flipped and the Bahrain GP has been altogether cancelled and will not take place in the 2011 F1 season. As per the latest information received, the Indian GP will take place as per original schedule (schedule details and time table here) starting October 30th 2011.



This will mean a pleasant weather in India during the Indian GP as October end is usually spring season when the winter is about to start. It will increase the entertainment quotient as the visibility will be good and weather will be more comforting for both drives as well as the spectators. So if you have been waiting for the date to book your travel, you can go ahead and make your bookings now.

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