General Motor’s Futuristic Car The EN-V


Future is unforeseen yet something to be considered while taking any decision in favor of customers or the brands itself and the one who realizes what the future scenario of the world would be, is the real hero. Yes we are talking about the growing number of vehicles on the roads across the world, which being a boon for the automotive firms would soon also become a bane for the world.

The number of vehicles are adding up at the counter with passage of every second and in the near future global manufacturers will seriously concentrate on the concept of Personal mobility and will certainly try on redefining it.


The cities will become as crowded as they were never and at that point of time compact and less polluting vehicles is one thought that would come to every automotive firm’s mind. But if we are talking about the future then who has designed the above vehicle? General Motors is the global major which has been working on such concepts for a very long time and has inspired Volkswagen to follow the trend.

General Motors EN-V and Volkswagen’s L1 Diesel Hybrid Concept are the respective vehicles which will very soon be seen on the roads worldwide.Although last month at the launch of EN-V, a lot of people laughed out this concept but the need of the hour is to understand the probability of nearly 2 Billion vehicles expected to flood this planet by 2030,eventually making the traffic scenario more complex.

Leading the EN-V project Chris Borroni-Bird said “We need to find a solution for emerging markets in particular, where we’re expecting a lot of our growth in big cities,”

GM’s latest product has been invented to address to six major problems, to be faced in the coming times:-

  • Energy use
  • Environmental concerns
  • Safety
  • Congestion
  • Parking
  • Affordability

Take a look at the official EN-V video to get a clearer idea of the ongoing study

With such an amazing product on its path of evolvement,we wish the brand rolls it out for the masses soon. It has somewhat similar looks like the Honda 3R-C.

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