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General Motors Small Electric Car Plans For Indian Market

General Motors is one of kind automobile manufacturer which inspite of facing numerous financial hardships maintained the same level of connection with its existing customers and new buyers. The brand has never looked back and that is probably the only reason why it still stands firm on its feet.

For the Indian market the GM’s subsidiary Chevrolet is doing a great job and has became amazingly popular with products like the Chevrolet Beat, Chevrolet Spark, Chevrolet Tavera and Chevrolet Cruze. But the latest and very interesting word coming from the company is that it is planning a small electric car for our market.

Karl Slym, GM India’s Managing Director and President, said,”GM would showcase a battery operated, environment-friendly small car soon”. He further added,”GM India is strengthening its base in the country through network expansion and an increase in production capacity at the company’s factories,”

Chevrolet Volt is GM’s only electric product which has been highly appreciated by automobile experts and customers across the world and who knows the new small car may be based on the above flagship car.

Now that GM is all set to enter our market with a new electric car, it will definitely bring a great product for the masses here and is expected to be entertained thoroughly by people here.