Chevrolet India Future Plans Revealed– 5 New Models By 2014

The Indian Automobile market has been showing immense growth over the past few years and the coming time seems to be much more promising. Almost every automobile manufacturer in India has some or the other plans to capture as much market as they can and a sort of reluctance is always there to reveal such important plans.

Some manufacturers like to keep their secrets with them and wait for the right time to bring them in front of the customers while the rest believe in leaving the world in anticipation by revealing only a bit of what Is going to be offered next.


General Motors India (Chevrolet India) has taken the latter route and has revealed its future plans in advance so as to keep the market in anticipation and interest for the models down the line. By 2014 the company wishes to launch 5 new models in 14 different variants. The plan is interesting but the suspense part begins from here as no details have been revealed for the same.

Assumptions on the models are all what we can make but we believe the manufacturer to introduce a good mixture of competition. The commercial segment is on a roll so firstly we expect to see a couple of models in the commercial vehicle segment. An MPV is also on the cards going head on with Toyota Innova, Mahindra Xylo etc.

Apart from these Chevrolet Sail and 2011 Chevrolet Aveo are also very much under expectations. Whichever the new models may be, a tough competition is heading towards all the existing cars as the new ones from GM will be better in terms of design and technology.

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