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Hero-Harley Davidson Might Make A Motorcycle For India – Reports

Hero-Harley Davidson collaboration is reportedly in its initial stages. HD wants to enter the entry-level premium motorcycle segment in India.

Our regular readers know that Harley Davidson is planning to make a move in the entry-level premium motorcycle segment. This broadly includes motorcycles having engines ranging between 250-650cc.

Just like BMW Motorrad has partnered up with TVS and KTM with Bajaj, Harley Davidson is also doing a similar thing. We were speculating that the manufacturer might tie up with Hero and now it turns out to be true.

Hero-Harley Davidson collaboration will give the Indian market a brand new motorcycle. Definitely, it will be under 250-500cc segment, making the Indian manufacturers foray into the premium segment.

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Livemint reports that the planning is still at an initial stage. HD, as well as Hero Motocorp, would like to see the impact and popularity of affordable Harley motorcycles in India.

Hero Motocorp is also trying to make its move in the premium segment. It just launched three new entry-level premium motorcycles – Xpulse 200, 200T and Xtreme 200S. Now, it has a total of four premium motorcycles.

For fully-imported Harley Davidson motorcycles, 50% custom duty has to be paid. HD has its plant in Haryana, where it assembles the motorcycles. If it produces the upcoming bike in India, the prices can be kept in check.

Recently, HD confirmed a 338cc motorcycle for the Chinese Market, collaborating with a Chinese two-wheeler manufacturer. There are chances that the same motorcycle might be manufactured in India for the export as well as domestic markets.

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Once the Hero-Harley Davidson Motorcycle launches in India, it will squarely take on the might of Royal Enfield Classic and Thunderbird series. The latter is already seeing a downfall in its monthly sales.

Currently, Hero is well established in the Indian market, as it is one of the top most selling manufacturers in India. Striking a deal with them would benefit HD from popularity and low pricing as well.