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Hero MotoCorp To Launch Dirt Bike In India in 2011

Hero MotoCorp (formerly Hero Honda) will launch a Dirt Bike in India by the end of the year 2011. The development of the dirt bike is under progress and has not been officially confirmed as yet. The new dirt bike to be launched in India will be the first dirt bike from India as well as the first launch of Hero MotoCorp under the new brand name after its split from Honda Motors Japan. Hero MotoCorp however will get technology knowhow from the new modes in India until 2014 as per the agreement between Hero Group and Honda.


image- Honda Dirt Bike (for illustration only)

A dirt bike is a motorcycle designed with a light and powerful engine to run on rough, uneven and  dirt terrains with large suspension travel, high seating, special kind of tyres to grip through loose gravel and muddy terrains, high torque transmission and gear ratios, high mounted exhaust etc..

Hero MotoCorp’s dirt bike will attract a lot of eyeballs and attention of the youth interested in motorsports. The dirt bikes may not be a very comfortable commuters, but they are very sporty and are targeted more towards the youth. By launching a dirt bike Hero MotoCorp will create a new segment in the two wheelers segment in India. For regular updates, you can stay tuned to us by liking our Facebook Page or sign up for our free email newsletter for regular email updates.

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