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Honda Amaze VS Chevrolet Sail– Detailed Comparison

The competition is amplified as after the launch of Honda Amaze and Chevrolet Sail. Both the rivals are outstanding and got great response from the consumers. Chevrolet Sail was launched on 1st of the February and the Honda Amaze launched on 11th of the April 2013. Both the sedans are C segment cars and bore good qualities. Both the sedans have their unique traits to woo consumer’s heart and pocket as well. The Chevrolet Sail got comments that this is the sedan to beat the Dzire as it is also a three box salon. Now on the launch of Amaze people said same words that now Dzire got a tough contender. Let’s hope for the best and explore the comparison further with the comparison of Honda Amaze VS Chevrolet Sail.


The present model of Chevrolet Sail is designed and aimed for auto enthusiasts who like practicality and style. The front face of the sedan is quite neat and decent. The dual divided grille looks nice and cool when one looks at the golden bow tie emblem of the company tucked perfectly in the center. The exciting look of the car is the stretched out headlamps, the crease lines around the body of the sedan, rear tail lamps and the sporty smaller boot. Other traits of the sedan are Hawk wing inspired head lamps, sporty aerodynamics silhouette, big wheels and the list goes on and on.

The other side of the story is also interesting as it is about the first diesel engine sedan by Honda. Carved with brains and fingers Honda Amaze leaves everybody for a gaze. The main attraction point of the sedan is its highly designed and linked boot. The boot of the sedan makes a real point of talking for consumers. The rich and sharp edges of the sedan make it stand apart. The front smaller rib styled dual chrome grille makes a difference too. Awesome jazzy side creased lines are adorable. The look of the small nose makes the sedan much sporty and gives an extra edge especially on compact sedans. Other exteriors characters are tweaked front bumpers, the hugging tail lamps and jazzy flare fender.


The one reason which makes the Chevrolet Sail a must family picks in the sedan purchase category is its spacious and comfortable interiors. The interiors in comparison to Honda Amaze and Dzire are far much better and best in the Sail sedan. The premium dual contrast tone interiors are worth the money one pays to buy the car. The comfort and rest is foremost in the sedan as the decent trims of seat and under thigh support explains it better. The rear seating comfort is also comfortable. The leg room and head room of the sedan makes one feel that he or she is sitting in a lounge on a couch. The internal instrumentation is excellent and makes a nice mark. All the doors open wide which makes family adults happy on entry and exit. Other smart characters of the sedan are Horizon look dashboard, dual cockpit and awesome boot space.

Apart from this Honda Amaze also have awe- Inspiring internals. Honda Amaze is parallel in comparison but in few areas takes a better stance than the Sail sedan. People commented that ‘Brio sibling should have a larger rear leg room’, this time Honda has taken care of it and as a result sedan gets completed edge over other sedans. The wheel base of the sedan is larger than 60 mm of what brio possess. The seating factor was never a complaint from consumers this time it is enhanced more. The airy cabin of the car makes one feel pleasing. Other eye catching traits are longer doors for easy ingress and egress, Flat doors and comfortable seats with adequate space.

Engine and Power

The engine is what makes the most of it in the vehicles and enhances the competition among wheels. The most talked about engine is now sits under the hood of Honda Amaze. Company claims that the engine is most fuel efficient among the sedans. The first diesel engine from Honda is strengthened by 1.5 Liter i-DTEC motor that generates a peak power of 100 PS and a peak torque of 200 Nm. The mileage stand on 25.8 KMPL which makes the Amaze sedan the most fuel efficient car of the subcontinent. The petrol engine of Amaze offers 88 PS power, 109 Nm of torque and fuel mileage of 18 KMPL. Amaze diesel comes with 5 speed manual gearbox while the petrol version comes with an option of 5 speed manual and 4 speed automatic transmission gearbox.

On the opposite side Chevrolet Sail carries 1.3liter Samrtech turbo charged diesel engine which yields maximum power of 78PS and 205 Nm of torque, it delivers a mileage of 22.1 KMPL. The petrol variant of Sail sedan churns out 86 PS power, 113 Nm torque and a mileage of 18.2 KMPL. Both petrol and diesel models of Sail come with 5 speed manual gearbox only.

Handling and performance

The firm ride quality gets a new name that is Sail sedan. Sail suspensions are a master to eat potholes and bumps. The adults and the kids enjoy the ride at rear seat. The driving quality of the sedan is good and car remains car on the gear shifts. If one has to enjoy the long drive then one should definitely try the express highways. The competition is tougher because the main reason of the Honda sales is the seating and ride quality comfort in the cars. Honda City and Civic were the most appreciated sedans in terms of ride and handling. The Honda amaze also sets the same example in the diesel engine. Suspension is one of the finest qualities in Amaze which devoid the bumps and bad road conditions from reaching it to cabin. The steering is light and smartly garnished which makes the journey easy on mountain, plains and snake roads.

Value for money

The price of the sedan Sail was kept in a very thoughtful way as the sedan segment is the competitive one and price specific sub continent loves to welcome cars with economic pricing .The Sail was priced at Rs 4.99 lakhs to Rs 7.51 lakhs. As per one of the auto media it was said that due to the economic pricing Sail got at around 7000 bookings. The prices of Honda Amaze is also neck to neck between Rs. 4.99 Lakhs to Rs. 7.60 Lakhs which makes both the car compete tough with each other.

Verdict– Honda Amaze VS Chevrolet Sail Sedan

The pricing bents people more towards the Sail Sedan and the engine traits bents people more towards Honda Amaze. The fact is that if Honda Amaze can beat the heat of Sail and other similar sedans with its price, quality, features and space. Over all we can say that this time Honda Amaze gets more stars as due to the fuel efficiency, spacious internals and sporty exteriors.

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