Honda Brio Small Car Launch In March 2011 Rumors High !


Nothing is official yet but there is already a lot of buzz online about the Brio launch on 17 March 2011. As per our previous reports, the small car Honda Brio from Honda India will be launched around September 2011. We still believe that Honda will launch it in September 2011 on road. There maybe pre-launch bookings which maybe announced 3 months prior to the start of deliveries of the small car. Honda Brio is a very ambitious project by Honda in India. The small car will feature a 1.2 Litre 3 cylinder highly efficient iVTEC engine which powers Honda Jazz. The Brio will be low on cost and will compete head on will the most popular small cars from India including the Hyundai i10, Maruti Swift, Chevrolet Beat, Volkswagen Polo, Ford Figo, etc.. The design and technology of the Brio are quite promising, and if the cost comes out be be close to less than a Rs. 5 Lakh price tag, it is highly likely to be a high selling hatchback for Honda in India. We expect the pricing will be done right because Honda India has learn its lessons from the sales figures of Honda Jazz with which is a high priced hatchback in Indian market.


For complete details of Honda Brio, check out the link below :

Honda Brio Specifications Features Pictures Videos Price

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  1. Ofcourse they cant release the car in March/April.
    The reason is they did not even decide on the manufacturing unit in India where Brio can be built!

    It would be in October or later only even if they start now.

    They may start booking orders if they want anytime though.

    I wish they release AutomaticTransmission Brio also in India.


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