Honda India Recalls First Batch Of Honda CBR250R For Faulty Parts


Honda CBR250R is one of the sportiest affordable bikes in India in the 250 CC Segment which both looks good and performs good at a price which would be considered as affordable for its segment. Launched In India in early 2011, the Honda CBR initial batch is being recalled and inspected for quality related issues. As per a report by one of our fellow Automobile blogs, Honda is calling the owners of the first batch of bikes and asking them to bring their bikes for check up at the official dealerships. At the dealerships, grab rails, engine cowls and mirrors etc. are being inspected and replaced if needed.


image- Honda CBR250 R

As per the initial information, there are problems of rusting in some parts which are being replaced and there maybe some improper welds in some parts like engine cowl. So far there is no official announcement of a recall by HMSI India. The problem seems to be present in only one initial batch which seems to impact a limited number of bikes which are being called for repairs free of cost.


image- Honda CBR250 R

It is a right step to pro-actively call upon the vehicles and repair them before major fault or inconvenience occurs.

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  1. My CBR 250r with 4000 Kms on the clock and purchased at the end of May 2011, refused to start. It wouldn’t even start on a steep downhill slope in third gear. Honda dealer, Sornam Motors, Dindigul, collected the bike on a Mahindra pickup van. A week later a mechanic rode the bike up to Kodaikanal yesterday and presented me with a bill of Rs. 1971/- (one thousand nine hundred and seventy-one only). The breakdown of the bill is as follows:
    1. Shim, Tappet 2.075 14936 – KT7 013 224.76
    2. Mirror Assy. L Bac 88120 – KYJ – 710 404.23
    3. Clip, snap fit (PO) 90666 – SDA – A01 3.46
    4. Shim, Tappet 1.85 14927 – KT7 – 013 170.69
    5. Shim, Tappet 1.875 14928 – KT7 – 013 224.76
    6. Shim, Tappet 2.05 14935 – KT7 – 013 170.69
    7. Labour charges 772.00
    I appreciate the change of rusted bolts and nuts free of cost but…
    My questions are:
    a) The mirror was not broken when the bike was loaded into the van.
    b) Why do shims have to be changed on a bike just seven months old with 4000 Kms on the clock, unless they were defective in the first place?
    I strongly feel that Honda needs to reimburse the dealer for this amount and compensate the owner (in this case – me) for un-nessary downtime, mental agony and assume the honourable role that Honda has come to be associated with.
    M.E. Avari
    Sivanadi Road,
    Kodaikanal 624 101,
    Tamil Nadu.
    6th February 2012.


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