Honda Diesel Engines Cars In India By 2012


The current scenario of the Indian automobile buyers are getting more inclined to diesel engines over the petrol counterparts besides the high cost of the former ones. The main reason for this is the low running cost that a diesel engine incurs when compared to a petrol engine and luckily every major manufacturer in India offers diesel engines.


Honda is the only brand in India which has not offered even a single diesel variant of any of its cars and still manages to get an appreciable sales figures. But soon we will be seeing Honda cars sporting efficient diesel hearts which would not only help the company get additional sales but will let it create a new identity in the diesel category.

Honda is ready with a new 2.0 litre CRDI diesel engine which will be launched in India shortly after its European launch in 2012. So far Honda Accord and the Honda CR-V are the only two cars which are being offered with a 2.2 litre diesel engine overseas and this new India bound engine is likely to come equipped with the Honda City, Honda Jazz and the upcoming small car.

The brand has suffered a lot in terms of sales due to its petrol only offering and we wish the brand to do well with its new diesel engine technology.

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