Honda RC-E Electric Sports Bike- Will Come To Auto Expo 2012?


The electric sports bike market seems to be attracting more global majors to jump into it. Honda has come up with an electric sports bike Honda RC-E at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. As being said by experts, the bike equips the electric technology already established by Honda for other hybrid vehicles and will contain the potential to surpass other similar products.

Although the bike was presented well, unfortunately nothing was disclosed about its features and technical specifications and all that was available reads as follows:

“An EV version of a super sports bike that pursues the joy of riding. A powerful and smooth ride unique to an EV model is achieved with the 250cc-class compact body.”

Honda RC-E Electric Sports Bike (2)
image – Honda RC-E Electric Sports Bike

The bike gets a very classical body work carved on a superbike chassis which represents Honda’s racing heritage. Assumingly the frame material will be aluminium since it is light and quite appropriate for electric vehicles. The swingarm is attached to the mono and the bike features a monocoque style design along with 17-inch spoke wheels.

The superbike appearance is enhanced by Ohlins inverted fork with radial-mount Brembo brake calipers at the front. The retro bodywork is quite futuristic and imparts the presence that RC-E needs.

Honda RC-E Electric Sports Bike (1)

image – Honda RC-E Electric Sports Bike

We hope Honda will exhibit this bike at the Auto Expo 2012 Delhi as well. As of now this is all we know but we will soon update the post with the technical specifications of the same when available. So stay tuned to us by linking our official Facebook Page and signing up for our free email newsletter.

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