Honeywell To Showcase Turbocharger For Small Diesel Engines At Auto Expo 2012


Honeywell Turbo Technologies, the global leader in automotive turbocharger development, will showcase an industry first turbocharger application for micro diesel engines as well as its expanded portfolio of turbochargers featuring global technologies not previously offered in India at the 11th Auto Expo 2012 in January.

Honeywell VNT Turbocharger

Honeywell Turbo Technologies has developed a turbo application with optimized aerodynamics for micro 2-cylinder diesel engines below 1.0L. This application is currently being deployed in India on 0.8L engines. Honeywell will also feature other industry innovations such as its variable geometry VNT turbos including its third generation VNT combined with a rotary electric actuator – the first time this combination has been available in India.

Within the light vehicle segment, turbo penetration in India has grown from 27 percent in 2010 to 31 percent in 2011. It is expected to reach more than 40 percent penetration by 2016. This rapid growth in India is consistent with global penetration growth estimates as manufacturers use turbocharging as an enabler for engine downsizing. A downsized turbocharged engine allows manufacturers to meet higher fuel economy standards and reduced emissions and yet maintain the power and performance of the larger naturally-aspirated engine it replaces.

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