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How to plan your long rides during summers – Quick Tips

As the summer approaches India, here are some tips for riders/motorcyclists that they should see before they leave for a long ride.

For long rides, there is no season. It’s just getting free, wrapping up your work on Friday and leaving for some tranquillity. It just that the summers are here, to make the rides tougher.

Be it any part of India, post 9 AM you are bound to get scorching heat between 35-45 degrees. This, in turn, affects the rider’s health as well as your beloved motorcycle’s health.

So, here are a couple of tips that you should check before you leave for your journey. These will ensure you that your long rides during summer are peaceful.

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1. First things first. Stay hydrated all the time. Carry a 1-2 Litre water bottle with you all the time. Riding under strong heat can make you thirsty, which will take a massive toll on your health. You would not be able to ride comfortably.

2. Since the heat is up, use riding gloves and proper boots. You do not want to feel constant burning sensation on your hands or legs. It will cause disturbance in the riding and also fatigue your hands and legs quickly.

3. It is advisable to use a tinted helmet while riding during the day, so that it does not create any problem in your vision. However, a tinted helmet will create problems during the night riding, so you can substitute with sunglasses as well.

4. Since the temperature is up, it is advisable to dress light for your long rides in summer. A t-shirt below the riding jacket would be good so that it does not exhaust you quickly.

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5. Plan your stops in advance. Do not try riding for very long stretches at one go, and fix a stop in every 3-4 hours, depending on the rider. Extra long hours on the saddle might hurt your bottom and back and damage the riding posture.

6. In case of the engine overheating or its temperature going above suitable limit, you should let the engine cool down a bit. Driving an overheated bike might suck up the engine oil and seize the engine.

7. Before leaving for the journey, check the tire pressure, lubricants and coolant of the bike. In summers, the tire expands which might further burst the tire. Also, long rides should never start without a full fuel tank.