Hyundai Eon LPG and i10 LPG Launch In India Soon


With delay in Diesel engine plant of Hyundai India, the sales of Hyundai cars may not pick up too well in the coming months. The reason behind the same is high petrol prices and high bank loan rates. New car customers are either delaying their buying decision or they are booking diesel cars to keep the running price low. To counter this problem, Hyundai India will soon launch LGP + Petrol Duel Fuel Engine options for Hyundai i10 and Hyundai Eon small cars. As per an official information released by Hyundai officials, Hyundai India will come up with 15 new launches in next 5 years, which clearly indicates that the launch of Hyundai i10 LPG and Hyundai Eon LPG is on the cards.


Hyundai Eon

image – Hyundai Eon

Both Eon and Hyundai i10 will get a factory fitted LPG kit with same engine which will be adjusted and re-tuned to work with the LPG Fuel. The price of Auto LPG fuel is lower compared to the petrol and it reduces the running cost of the car. On an average, it reduces the fuel costs by about 30 % to 40 %. There is also a power loss compared to the petrol variants, which means that 1.2 Litre i10 engine will produce a max power of close to 80 BHP and Eon will generate a power of up to 50 BHP which is decent enough for most city driving conditions.

The LPG variants of Eon and i10 may also show up at the Auto Expo 2012 in new Delhi India. We will bring you more updates as they arrive. You can stay tuned to us by liking our official Facebook Page and by signing up for our free email newsletter.

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