Mahindra Stallio 2011 Re-Launch In India In FY 2011-12


Mahindra two wheelers did not pick up well with its motorcycles in India. Mahindra Stallio and Mahindra Mojo were launched in the year 2010 in India in a launch ceremony with popular Bollywood star Amir Khan as the brand Ambassador for Stallio. However just few months after the launch, there were some major glitches discovered in the gearbox of the Stallio. The Stallio was taken-off from sales soon after the discovery and Mahindra started rectifying the problem with help of an experience engineering consulting firm. As per the latest statement from Mahindra two wheelers officials, the refreshed version of Stallio maybe launched in this financial year, which means by early next year.


Anand Mahindra, vice chairman and MD, of Mahindra and Mahindra quoted:

In case of Mahindra Stallio, we would be recalibrating the entire motorcycle and re-launch it in the domestic market.

Stallio is s commuter segment bike and is targeted towards a large number of commuters who commute using fuel efficient motorcycles. Stallio is subtle on styling and has overall elegant looks. If the technical glitches are resolved in time, Stallio may come out as a high sales product for Mahindra two wheelers in the years to come. We will wait and watch the developments. You can stay tuned in by liking our official Facebook Page or by signing up for our free email newsletter.

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