As part of JV in India, Ford will be lending the platform to the Mahindra XUV400 and Mahindra will be supplying engines for Ford’s all-new mid-size SUV.

Some time back, we had reported about Mahindra working on a new mid-size SUV that will most likely sit between the XUV300 and XUV500. That reportedly was also being called the XUV400. We even spotted Mahindra testing a test mule of the same a couple of months ago. Now, there are some fresh information about the Mahindra XUV400 and we have come to learn that this new mid-size SUV will be based on an all-new platform from Ford.

Mahindra XUV400 to be based on a mid-size SUV platform by Ford.

Ford as a carmaker has decided to exclusively focus on SUVs in their global lineup and of the multiple models in development is a mid-size SUV that will head to India as well. It is known by its internal codename of B745 and it will be built on an all-new platform which is about 4.3m long. This will put Ford’s new SUV right in the heart of the hotly contested Indian mid-size SUV segment.

This new mid-sized model will be one of three new Ford-branded SUVs for India. Also, Ford and Mahindra had recently entered in a joint venture in India where they agreed to jointly develop products for our market. As per that agreement, this B745 platform by Ford will also serve as the base for the long-touted Mahindra XUV400. Internally called as the S204, Mahindra has green signaled the production of this SUV. Mahindra is also readying the next-generation of the XUV500. Just like other XUV line of SUVs in Mahindra’s lienup – XUV300 and XUV500 – the XUV400 will also have a monocoque chassis with front-wheel drive (or front-biased AWD) setup.

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While Ford will be lending out the platform to Mahindra, the engines for both the SUVs will be supplied by Mahindra, as part of their joint venture agreement. However, both the SUVs will look completely different from each other as each brand will use their own design language on the SUVs. Both the carmakers will follow the same approach for all jointly developed products. There will be common elements on the inside as well but things like the infotainment systems will be shared. Also, like other models to come from the venture, the duo will be sold from their respective carmaker’s dealerships. 

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Ford and Mahindra will thus bring brand new entrants in the mid-size SUV segment in the years to come. Similarly, Maruti and Toyota are also developing a mid-size SUV to compete in this segment as part of their partnership. We already know that Skoda and Volkswagen have been long working on their respective mid-size SUVs. We will also have the next-gen Hyundai Creta early next year. If you are looking to buy a amid-size SUV in the years to come, you will surely be spoilt for choices.