Maruti Alto Is World’s Highest Selling Small Car !


It definitely sounds big but true that Maruti Alto, the best selling small car from Maruti Suzuki Indian is not only India’s but also World’s largest selling small car. As per the data of the small cars sold across the world in the calendar year 2010, selling across 3 lakh car units in one calendar year 2010. The next best seller has been Volkswagen cars VW Gol and VW Golf in Brazil and Germany respectively. This is an achievement for Maruti Suzuki India. Maruti Alto has been selling at a very rapid pace in India especially after the launch of the 1 Litre engine model Maruti Alto K10 in August 2010 in India.

It is expected the annual sales of the Alto will grow further in the year 2010 as the demand is still strong and the competitors don’t have products which can pose a serious threat to the sales of Maruti Alto in India. In the Auto Expo 2012 we expect to see some competing products being announced from Hyundai and Chevrolet with their 800 CC cars like Hyundai 800 and Chevrolet Spark 800 launch in India. Till then there seems nothing which will impede the growth of this hot selling car.

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