All Maruti Suzuki Petrol Cars Will Come With CNG Options


Maruti Suzuki has launched 5 cars in CNG last year, in August 2010. With the increasing prices of Petrol, which increase every now and then, making the running cost of petrol a big hole in pocket, there has been an increased demand of the CNG cars in metro cities of India where CNG is available. CNG is not only eco-friendly and clean fuel, but also cheaper on running cost considering the crazy pricing of petrol in India. Keeping this in mind, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. is working on launching the factory fitted CNG variants of all Maruti Petrol cars.



Factory fitted CNG cars are better than the after-market CNG converted cars in many ways, some of the major points are :

  • Better technology CNG kits
  • Vehicle body design for CNG system
  • Performance and Drivability at par with gasoline powered engine
  • Safety reinforced: High Quality Components,Integrated wiring harness, CNG system leak-proofing, toughened suspension
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Dual ECU system for enhanced performance
  • Extensive performance testing
  • Peace of Mind: Full warranty coverage, Service support across the country
  • No compromise on engine life

Alok Jaitley, general manager, homologation-environment planning, MSIL quoted:

We are working on CNG models. We have already launched five vehicles on this platform and eventually plan to offer all our models on a CNG platform.

With time when the CNG will be available in more and more states on India, making CNG cars on larger scale will become more viable as well as economical for Maruti. Lets wait and watch until some details on timelines of future launches come out.

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