Maruti Suzuki India Resumes Partial Production At Manesar Plant


Maruti Suzuki India Limited is facing a tough time to get the production normal at the Manesar plant after the unrest in the labour which started on 29th August when the workers were forced to sign a “Good Conduct Bond”. There has been a production halt on Monday and Tuesday, but the partial production has started with the help of contractual labour force. The production is only partial and is being carried out under direct supervision of the supervisors on the production floor. The good conduct bond is meant to prevent the work force from sabotaging the cars and prevent them causing quality related problems, but work force believes that the bond is also implicitly putting a check on their union activities etc. because of which they don’t want to sign this bond.




With the partial production, the targets of the cars are not being met which will mean more waiting time for end customers of the Maruti Suzuki cars in India, especially the new Maruti Swift 2011 which comprises of the 75% of the total cars produced at the Manesar assembly plant. Since the disagreement is strong and Management is quite firm on their disciplinary grounds, there seems to be no immediate solution. We hope that the Management and workers soon reach some sort of solution and resume normal production so that there is minimal impart on the car volumes from Maruti Suzuki.

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