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Maruti 800 Replacement Small Car Spotted–Spy Picture

Being a price sensitive market for years, manufacturers have always focused on introducing cheap cars into the industry. So far Tata and Maruti Suzuki are the only brands who are quick and established enough to introduce ultra low cost vehicles such as the Tata Nano , Maruti Alto K10 and the legend Maruti 800.

Tata is delighted to see the response for the Nano but Maruti was still still struggling to produce a car even cheaper than the Maruti Alto K10 until today when a scoop picture has surfaced the internet and creating a lot of buzz. Speculations were there for quite some time now about a new project that Maruti was working on to refill the space for the phased out 800 but no evidence was there to which could confirm the news.

Several names are there which not completely, though define the new project of which the most popular is Maruti YE3. Although nothing is confirmed as of yet about this new car whether it’s the under Rs.2 Lakh Alto, Maruti YE3 or a new model but it is surely a vehicle which will be placed very close to Nano.

Appearance is not very attractive and resembles the Alto from the front-end since it is based on the platform of Alto. However the the roof line and the portion of the rear that is visible, tells that it is definitely small and slightly different from the Alto so that people distinguish it.

From the technical aspect, it it will be powered by a 796 CC, 3 cylinder engine modified enough to comply with the new emission norms. On the inside a new interior is expected with more headroom and legroom for the passengers. Pricing wise the company obviously is looking price it cheaper than the Alto by almost Rs.35,000 to Rs.40,000 so that it does not come into the Alto segment and competes with Nano.

Image Credit & Source-ACI