Maruti Suzuki Manesar Plant Strike Ends After 13 Days- Total Loss About Rs. 400 Crores


Maruti Suzuki had a tough time with over 2000 workers on strike for about 2 weeks and total production loss of about 12600 cars. The estimated loss of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. during this strike is about Rs. 400 Crores. The strike has finally been called off after rounds of talks between the Management and workers. Maruti has fired about 11 of the workers on disciplinary grounds, these 11 workers have been called back to join Maruti.


Maruti has not agreed to the demand of making a new union of workers, but some middle path seems to have been followed. The details of the negotiations and agreements is not out as yet, but the strike has been recalled. The strike started on 4th June 2011 and ended on 17th June.

via- Reuters

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