Maruti Swift Diesel 2011 New Model Will Give Better Pick-up


Talking in pure layman terms, Maruti Swift 2011 new model which is due for launch anytime now will have a better CRDI diesel engine response because of the tweaking done to the existing engine. The Fiat Multijet-Diesel  1.3 Litre engine which is used in the present model of Maruti Swift Diesel deliver the peak torque of 190Nm at about 2000 RPM. With the new Swift 2011, the engine has been re-tuned to deliver the peak torque of 190 Nm at even lower RPM of 1750, which means lesser turbo-lag and better pickup. I have driven the old Swift Diesel and the pickup in the first gear is not impressive, but is very punchy in second gear, which is because of the turbo-lag only. So talking in plain English, without trying to confuse you, the new Diesel Swift 2011 features better pickup (acceleration) in lower gears compared to the old one. This will mean lesser gear shifts needed in congested city traffic and less frustration on busy roads.


We will bring you detailed road test review as soon as we get our hands on the new Swift. Till then you can stay tuned by liking our Facebook page or signing up for our free email newsletter.

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