Mercedes Benz A Class And B Class Launch In India By 2013


Mercedes Benz is doing good in India with ever rising sales of the luxury cars. There has been a stiff competition between BMW and Mercedes in India to claim the number one position in luxury car sales. In its continuous effort to sell more cars in India, Mercedes will launch its compact cars of Mercedes A Class and Mercedes B Class In India by 2013. These compact care will be priced below the Mercedes C Class which is the lowest prices Mercedes In India at present.


Mercedes will price these cars in between Rs. 15 Lakhs to Rs. 20 Lakhs. The cars will be brought to India via CKD route. These two segments will help Merc India capture a customer base who are looking for luxury in the price range lower than the C-Class price bracket.

Peter Alexander Trettin , president and CEO of Daimler’s central/eastern Europe, Africa and Asia regions quoted:

The new range of A and B-Class cars are currently under development and would be launched globally in 2013 (market introduction in 2012) along with India in the same year with Mercedes looking at developing right-hand-drive versions from the beginning. These will have the front-wheel architecture and will be priced lower than the current C-Class. The new range will be much more fashionable than their existing versions and the cars will be younger and much more modern. We can get back our top position when we launch the new range in India. We have taken a decision to be younger and the average age of the target group is being reduced.

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  1. The performance of this model in an already over populated bracket with the customer base having much more cheaper options, is doubtful. The most expensive car in this segment currently in the market is less than half the price of this Mercedes. Hope it doesn’t end up being dead on arrival. Too little too late.

    And it does have a serious resemblance with Honda’s Jazz. Damn! even the headlights looks similar.

  2. I used the A class abroad for long time and this is typical small car with little more leg and head space. For sure this is very good to drive being Merc car.

    But at the same time in India you have at least another 10 good option and that too in the price range of 4 – 7 Lacs. Not sure who will buy a samll car in 15Lacs? Only for the brand no one will pay such a high price!! May be not a good idea for Marc to launch the small car.


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