Mercedes A Class Driven By Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg and German Football team


In an exclusive drive on 23 May 2012, Formula One drivers Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg along with the German National Football team drove the yet-to-be-launched Mercedes A Class hatchback. Lukas Podolski, Marco Reus, Andre Schurrle and Tim Wiese, four players from the German Football team were taken for a 18 Km drive in the New A Class by Michael and Nico. The new A class from Mercedes is a new segment forayed by the Manufacturer with new compact design, with sporty handling with signature Mercedes comfort and luxury. The A class does have some premium features which are found in much larger S Class.

These star racers and footballers had a good time behind the wheels of the new A Class and discussing about their respective sports and their preparations for the upcoming European Cup.

Fussball/ GES/ Formel 1-Piloten besuchen Nationalmannschaft

Nico Rosberg quoted about the A Class:

The A-Class with its sporty handling is perfect for twisty roads like this, and we showed the guys just what the car can

Lukas Podolski quoted about the A Class:

This car is really lively and has plenty of power.

Marco Reus commented after the trip:

The A-class is very close to the pulse of my generation. It’s very sporty in appearance, yet elegant. And to be driven by a living legend like Michael Schumacher, life hardly gets any better.

Fussball/ GES/ Formel 1-Piloten besuchen Nationalmannschaft

New Mercedes A Class and the B Class are upcoming compacts car from the German automaker. In past one decade, the need as well as trend for more economical and compact cars have picked up and almost all manufacturers are working on bringing their new products to meet the need of new segment and creating new markets and demand. Mercedes A Class is a compact luxury car which is an all new segment altogether and Mercedes is also working on a SUV platform based on A class which will be called the GLA class. The GLA class will compete directly with the hugely popular BMW X1 and the upcoming Audi Q3. A class will have 6 different engine options in its production version including 3 turbocharged GDI Petrol engines and 3 turbocharged CRDI Diesel engine units. All these engines will be tuned to deliver good fuel economy and low emissions while keeping the drive sporty, it does sound very challenging task, but with modern technology and innovations, we have seen such combinations coming to reality. We will keep you posted on the developments of the new A Class, stay tuned by liking our official Facebook Page.